Gobble Gobble

I just pulled up to my mum’s house aka Little Africa/Little Bangladesh. As I’ve said before my mum is Sierra Leonean. My mum and my stepdad lived in Bangladesh for a while and when my mum moved back to America she redesigned the house and it totally looks like Little Africa/Little Bangladesh. I love the little things that make your home home.

My drive was awesome. I didn’t want to leave yesterday because of traffic and I really wanted to go to Lava. This morning I sailed through. No traffic, just me raving out in my car to Stunna, Random Movement and the likes. There’s nothing like raving out in your car to dnb at 5a.m.

Lava was awesome. Good music, good people, good times.

Happy Turkey Day U.S. folks. 🙂

Today’s Oldie: Dj Sappo Ding Dong Bass RemixRinse Out 1997 Ooh. Tune and a half! I loved those dancefloor bangers. I told you I was a speaker girl. I just would go stand by myself and feel the bass and dance my ass off. During that period tracks like this were ideal. I just wanted to dance for hours and hours… now I feel exactly opposite. LOL. I just want to be able to stand in a corner and hear good music and hang out with my friends. Dang I’m old. 😉

Q ProjectHospital Podcast #71


01. Hospitality At Heaven 28/11/08 Cancelled
02. Q-Project – Credit Crunch
03. Zero T Beta 2 – Bizzy Time (Break Remix)
04. Q-Project – Holy War
05. Total Science – Stone Love
06. Q-Project – Just 3 Things
07. Spirit – Fantasy
08. A-Sides and Fats – What You Don’t Know
09. Total Science – SOS
10. Damage Inc – Overload
11. Q-Project – Divided We Stand
12. Wastin Time – Kaidi Tatham TS Remix

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