Lazy Lima Bean

Remember that skit on In Living Colour where the  Jamaican family was alwaysWanda complaining about how their kids didn’t have enough jobs?  Then Damon Wayans would yell “You lazy lima bean!?”  Today, I’m definitely the lazy lima bean.  I have a ton of boring shit that needs to be done and I’m sure as hell not doing it. 😉  Here’s a gratuitous pic of Wanda just cuz she was one of my fave characters on that show… “You aint got to go nowhere!!  I got you!  I got you!”

My friend CC is going away for the next couple of months.  She has to go train people at the new location of her job out in Tahoe.  It would be kinda awesome to pick up from your life and just go do shit for a couple of months and get paid for it.

Heard a new Paul SG that I’m all about on Overfiend’s show today.  Hot bizness.  Paul SG & FlacoSacrifice.

I’m listening to Stunna’s show right now.  Heard a little gem from Skyform called Hanging.  Nice.

Sorry no samples for the Sacrifice, I just heard it today but Hanging is on Skyform’s page. 🙂

I really don’t have much to discuss.  I’m just feeling ultra slothy.  Maybe it’s the weather.


Dj Presha Samurai Music 07/07/08

  1. Spectrasoul – Tectonic [N/A]
  2. Calibre – Understand [N/A]
  3. Atlantic Connection – Voodoo Woman [SOUL:R]
  4. Lomax – 15 Sided Dice [CRITICAL]
  5. Calibre – Electric Soul [SIGNATURE]
  6. Sight Unseen – Greenland [N/A]
  7. Alix Perez & Survival – Untitled [CRITICAL]
  8. Eveson – Naughty [N/A]
  9. Devize & Shooks – Emotinal Silence [N/A]
  10. Cooh – Obel [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  11. Redeyes – Cruise Ship To The Stars [N/A]
  12. Rufige Kru & D Bridge – Mirror [METALHEADZ]
  13. Lomax & Kasra – Warrior [CRITICAL]
  14. Dis – Foes [TACTILE VINYL]
  15. Zero T & Mosus – Carbon Black [SAMURAI]
  16. Trei & Dose – Moments [N/A]
  17. SKC – The World Is Changed [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  18. Calibre – Zombie Life [N/A]
  19. Eveson – Hotwax [CHANNEL 62]
  20. ??? – ???
  21. Stress Level, TC1 & Julen – Revelations [SAMURAI]
  22. State Of Mind & Trei – Dirt [SOM]
  23. Trei – Justify [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  24. Dose & Menace – Pick Up [N/A]
  25. Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever [SOUL:R]
  26. Eveson – Be With You [N/A]
  27. Calibre – Harbringer [N/A]
  28. Eveson – Machines [N/A]
  29. Soul Intent – Cold Blooded [SAMURAI]

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