Yowza is such a nerdy word. I love it though. It’s been pretty muggy and hot these past couple of days. Could summer really be sticking around intsead of retreating back to murky, cold, rainy, 65 degree days?? I hope so.

Loving this SaburukoStay. Hot stuff.

Also loving this Electrosoul SystemAfter Hours.

We have so many cases up at my work lately. I’m finding that I don’t have the time to fuck around on the internet that I used to. Go figure… I actually have to do work!

Here’s a mix from one of my favourite people ever. Nuff said. 🙂

StunnaMix For Red Mist Radio July 2008

01. Omni Trio – Night Train [Scale]
02. Stunna + Smote feat. Submorphics – First Light (love love love this record)
03. Kubatko – Flying Without Wings [Red Mist dub]
04. Sable Gray – Sunrise
05. Black Rain – Tonight [Scale]
06. Magnafide – Agree To Disagree
07. Requiem feat Lowbass – Make A Move [Vibez]
08. ICR – Still Unloved [Counter Intelligence dub]
09. Method One – The Ice Storm [Covert Operations]
10. Tidal – Sunken City
11. Infuzoria – Lightning Flashes [Camino Blue]
12. ASC – Lightyears [Horizons dub]
13. Solar Empire – Space Station Orta [Red Mist dub]
14. Skyform – Wash Away [Camino Blue dub]
15. Seba + Lotek – Sonic Winds [Good Looking]
16. LTJ Bukem – Horizons [Good Looking]

2 thoughts on “Yowza

  1. Lynn Belvidere approves of this mix, but then again, you already know that from the intimate, candle-lit dinner date you two went on the other night….

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