I had a pretty nice weekend. I mixed at a bbq. Did a 2 hour 2step/garage set which was super fun. I haven’t played those records in ages.

Why is it July l already? Where is this summer going?

Klute is playing at the last Dynamite this weekend. He is always a treat. He’s an awesome dj.

Picked up my Zero T album the other day. Get yours! – I think I’ve talked about Zero T more than any other person in my blog since I started writing it… He should make me his p.r. person! 😉

My A.D.D is in full effect. I can’t concentrate on anything and I’m procrastinating up the wazoo. I can’t even really concentrate on this post so toodles for now.


L.A.O.S. Live @ Basso FM – July 2008

01. Cyantific – Cover Story [HOSPITAL]
02. Logistics & Nu:Tone – Not The Only One [TANGENT]
03. Blu Mar Ten – Find A Way [DUB]
04. Dan Marshall – Jungle Jazz (D-Kay Remix) [BRIGAND DUB]
05. Redeyes – Battle Of The Royale [SPEARHEAD DUB]
06. Baron – Turn Up The Sun [BREAKBEAT KAOS]
07. Zero T – Cant Stay Away [DUB]
08. Makoto & Deeizm – Monotonik [BINGO]
09. Spectrasoul – Someday Soon [WESTBAY]
10. Mista – Can You Fly [DISPATCH]
11. Danny Byrd – Planet Music VIP [HOSPITAL]
12. Agent Alvin – Wicked Man [VIPER]
13. S.P.Y – Obsession [DUB]
14. L.A.O.S – Rise [DUB]
15. Beyonce – Crazy In Love [BOOTLEG]
16. Yana Kay – Waiting For Your Love (Paul B Tequila With Lime Mix) [STEP 2 ZERO]
17. Ez Rollers – Give It In [INTECOM DUB]
18. Axwell – I Found You (High Contrast Remix) [POSITIVA]
19. Logistics – No Words [HOSPITAL]
20. Nu:Tone & Lynx – East To West [BRAND NU]
21. Logistics – Reality Chekpoint [HOSPITAL]
22. The Architex – Altitude (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [BASEMENT]
23. 4Hero – Look Inside (Nu:Tone Remix) [RAW CANVAS DUB]
24. Resound – Subrukus [DUB]
25. Trisector – Morning Rain [DUB]
26. FX909 – Good Old Days [LIQUID EGO DUB]
27. Rufige Kru – Beachdrifta [METALHEADZ]


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