Went to see the homie Submorphics on Saturday.  What a fun night!  Great turnout.  Fab lineup.  Awesome tunes.  Props to the Xcellerated crew for a great event!  Maybe me and my old teacher bones will venture out to another event soon.

Spending my Presidents’ Day lesson planning.

Current tune on repeat 😍

Geriatric Kiki

This came on during my morning commute and it really put me in a good mood.  This song is such a vibe.  What a great start to my day. 😍

In other news, the homie Submorphics is venturing back to this side of the pond on tour, and I’m happy to see that LA is one of the stops.  Great lineup!  My old teacher bones haven’t been out to a dnb event in yonks!




Calibre Listening Party

My buddy Submorphics told me that he had a 5 hour Calibre listening party with Flaco the other day and I got super jealous.  If you know me, you know that sitting around with my friends listening to endless amounts of Calibre tunes would be my ideal activity to partake in.  He linked me to these treats and then I didn’t feel so bad. 😉



Wash, Rinse and Repeat Kiki

I won’t talk about school for long cuz that’s all I talk about these days.  Basically this semester is really hard and I’m trapped in a study/work cycle.  Boo.

Looking forward to seeing LTJ on the 16th and SPY on the 22nd.  I have to plan my let loose days way way way in advance.  LOL.

I’ll post more deets on those two shows as we get closer to the event dates.

CalibreForeign Bodies
Been waiting for a sample of this for ages now.  I know it’s just a podcast rip but you can hear it nonetheless.  I heard it on a Marky mix a while back and just loved it.  I can’t wait to hear it on a loud sound system.  Some serious bass there.

Intelligent MannersStill
So good!  I love tunes like this.  I actually really like all the songs on his Everybody Knows EP.  Nice one.

Mob TacticsThe Machai
Nice rowdy tune.  See I don’t only listen to pretty stuff.  😉

Flaco – Gonna Take Time
Love it!  I heard this on that Makoto Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix and meant to post it then but totally forgot.  Wicked.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieReincarnationsFull Cycle Records 1996

Dj HypeKiss FM 09/08/2011


Jaydan-Insatiable-Innerground Dub
Original Sin-Detonate-Playaz Dub
Dillinja-So Hard-Valve Dub
Icicle-Alien Groove-Shogun Promo
Serial Killaz-In Your Eyes-Dub
D Minds-Rinse 2-Dub
Camo & Crooked-Anubis-Hospital Dub
Chap-Seven Lines-Innerground Dub
Protection-Culture Shock-Ram Promo
Heist-Verdict V.I.P.-Dub
Krome & Time -Ganjaman [Total Science & S.P.Y. Rmx]-Dub
Digital-Gateman V.I.P. [Taxman Rmx]-Dub
Total Science & S.P.Y.-Whoonga-Cia Dub
Sub Focus & Brookes Brothers-Late Run-Dub
Sub Zero-Retro Feet-Playaz Dub
Devise & Shookz-Comin On Stealth-Dub
Sigma-Night & Day-Dub
>>>> Dreggs-At The Bottom-Collab
Need For Mirrors-Zercon-Zoltar
Camo & Crooked-Run Riot-Hospital Dub
A.I. Ft. Mc Drs-Pigeon Hole [Rmx]-Dub

Bromantic Kiki

I would ask one of my friends to come to the old Lava dnb nights with me quite frequently and he would always say “is it gonna be all dudes in there again?”  LOL  The truth is yes.  Dnb is always ultra bromantic and it’s just something that you get used to.  Today I was listening to Lenzman’s Flamethrower as I was working out and the dj had thrown some Kemo over it and it just sounded like such a dude track and it made me think of how most dnb events are usually packed with men… oh and please spare me the comments about me being sexist.  I’m fully aware of the fact that lots of women like this tune.  I was just saying that the sound of it at the time with Kemo rhyming over it immediately conjured up the image of a bunch of dnb dudes in a club getting their steady screwface head nod going. 🙂

SPYHot Spot
Can we talk about how much I like this tune?  I keep hearing it on a bunch of mixes.  It makes me want dance every time I hear it.

Ulterior Motive – Well Of Envy (track is in player)

Trei & DoseHot Food

Today’s Oldie:
Future Forces IncJeep BeatsRenegade Hardware 1996

FlacoRadio Del Mar @ Bassdrive 04/14/10


01. ?
02. ?
03. Drake – Best I Ever Had (Mutt Remix) [Bootleg]
04. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Komatic Remix) [Bootleg]
05. Kubiks – ?
06. Artificial Intelligence & D Bridge – 3’s A Crowd [V]
07. Alton Miller – Time On 2 (Flaco Remix) [N/A]
08. Clart – Hatch [Ingredients]
09. Lenzman – More Than I Can Take [Critical]
10. ?
11. Artificial Intelligence feat. DRS – Blind Eye [V]
12. ?
13. Calibre & St Files – Devil Inside [Footprints]
14. Stunna & Indivision – The Red Sun [N/A]
15. ?
16. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney [Innerground]
17. Flaco – I’m Thinking Of You [Stepping Forward]
18. Dave Owen – Nothin’ But Love [N/A]
19. ?
20. Clart & MsDos – Disco Inferno [Urban Chemistry]
21. ?
22. Random Movement – Believe No Other (Lenzman Remix) [Westbay]
23. ?
24. Flaco & Glen E.Ston – Crescent [Human Elements Digital]
25. ?
26. ATP – Skin Stretched Over Bare Bones [N/A]
27. Flaco – Choose Me [N/A]
28. ?
29. PH – ?

Computer Fail Kiki

Ugg.  My computer isn’t working again.  It’s an old laptop so I really can’t complain.  It’s just annoying that’s all.  I really need a new one.  The second I get some money that will be the first thing I buy.  Alas I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post everyday if it doesn’t get sorted.

Apart from the computer business I actually had a pretty lovely weekend.  Good friends, good times. 🙂

JayBee & FlacoCorridor (track is in Jaybee player)

Today’s Oldie
Dj DieNastyFull Cycle Recordings 1995

FDFabricLive Promo Mix April 2010


Scuba – Latch – Hotflush
Ramadanman – I Beg You – Hessle Audio
Sigha – Early Morning Lights (Marcel Dettmann Remix) – Our Circula Sound
Pangaea – Coiled – Hessle Audio
Kyle Hall – You Know What I Feel – Hyperdub
Black Pocket – You’re A Sta (Martyn Remix) – Fat City
Instra:mental – Futurist – Naked Lunch
Shed – Intro (Paul Stretch’s Edit) – Ostgut Ton
Sigha – Light Swells – Hotflush
DB1 – Vanguard – Dub
Halogenix – Rock-a-By – Dub
Ulterior Motive – Yogurt Brainwave – Subtitles
Seiji – Storm Report – Reinforced
Zero T & FD – After All – Subtitles
Hybris – The Cleaner – Critical
Paradox – Esoteric Funk – Reinforced
Jubei feat. dBridge – Patience – Metalheadz
Blocks & Escher – Shadowplay – Digital Soundboy
Rockwell – Full Circle – Shogun Audio
Ulterior Motive – Well of Envy – Dub
Martyn – Get Down – Soul:R
Total Science, SPY & DJ Lee – Useless – Atlas
FD & Script – White Horse – CIA Deepkut

Lazy Lima Bean

Remember that skit on In Living Colour where the  Jamaican family was alwaysWanda complaining about how their kids didn’t have enough jobs?  Then Damon Wayans would yell “You lazy lima bean!?”  Today, I’m definitely the lazy lima bean.  I have a ton of boring shit that needs to be done and I’m sure as hell not doing it. 😉  Here’s a gratuitous pic of Wanda just cuz she was one of my fave characters on that show… “You aint got to go nowhere!!  I got you!  I got you!”

My friend CC is going away for the next couple of months.  She has to go train people at the new location of her job out in Tahoe.  It would be kinda awesome to pick up from your life and just go do shit for a couple of months and get paid for it.

Heard a new Paul SG that I’m all about on Overfiend’s show today.  Hot bizness.  Paul SG & FlacoSacrifice.

I’m listening to Stunna’s show right now.  Heard a little gem from Skyform called Hanging.  Nice.

Sorry no samples for the Sacrifice, I just heard it today but Hanging is on Skyform’s page. 🙂

I really don’t have much to discuss.  I’m just feeling ultra slothy.  Maybe it’s the weather.


Dj Presha Samurai Music 07/07/08

  1. Spectrasoul – Tectonic [N/A]
  2. Calibre – Understand [N/A]
  3. Atlantic Connection – Voodoo Woman [SOUL:R]
  4. Lomax – 15 Sided Dice [CRITICAL]
  5. Calibre – Electric Soul [SIGNATURE]
  6. Sight Unseen – Greenland [N/A]
  7. Alix Perez & Survival – Untitled [CRITICAL]
  8. Eveson – Naughty [N/A]
  9. Devize & Shooks – Emotinal Silence [N/A]
  10. Cooh – Obel [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  11. Redeyes – Cruise Ship To The Stars [N/A]
  12. Rufige Kru & D Bridge – Mirror [METALHEADZ]
  13. Lomax & Kasra – Warrior [CRITICAL]
  14. Dis – Foes [TACTILE VINYL]
  15. Zero T & Mosus – Carbon Black [SAMURAI]
  16. Trei & Dose – Moments [N/A]
  17. SKC – The World Is Changed [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  18. Calibre – Zombie Life [N/A]
  19. Eveson – Hotwax [CHANNEL 62]
  20. ??? – ???
  21. Stress Level, TC1 & Julen – Revelations [SAMURAI]
  22. State Of Mind & Trei – Dirt [SOM]
  23. Trei – Justify [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  24. Dose & Menace – Pick Up [N/A]
  25. Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever [SOUL:R]
  26. Eveson – Be With You [N/A]
  27. Calibre – Harbringer [N/A]
  28. Eveson – Machines [N/A]
  29. Soul Intent – Cold Blooded [SAMURAI]