Kiki Lives…

Barely.  I’m tired, crazy, awake, stressed, happy, non-stop on the go, hungry, everything.  This semester is going to be extra cray.  There’s a beautiful, spectacular light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called graduation so all this better be bloody well worth it!! 😉

No real time to write.  The fliers speak for themselves.

I’m guesting on Stunna’s Bassdrive The Greenroom show Wed Jan. 30.  Tune in.


Then I’m playing at Smart Bar.  If you love deep, liquidy, dnb then this night is seriously not to be missed.  Hope to see you there.








4 thoughts on “Kiki Lives…

  1. Hello Kiki, I’ve been listening to your guest set on the Greenroom on Jan 30 over and over and I LOVE IT!
    It’s been bugging me so much that I couldn’t find the name of the second track that came after the Hybrid Minds bootleg of Youth. Please do let me know if you recall.
    Thanks much and keep up the good work!

      • Hi again! Sorry it took me a billion years to reply. I’m finishing up my masters and have been in graduate school hell. 😉 The track you’re referring to is The Ego & Dj Roots feat. Ill Esha – Universe – Blu Saphir Recordings

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