500 Days of Kiki

I apologise for my absence on Friday.  I sadly report that I spilled water on my laptop.  I have never darted so fast but alas it didn’t really help.  I should be grateful that it still works though.  It’s been drying for the past 3 days.  The keyboard is shot so I had to get an external one.  Fortunately it’s a wireless one so it’s not as annoying as it could be, but it’s still kind of annoying.

Smart Bar was cool.  I’m so used to playing gigs where me and my friends just sit around and drink so it’s nice to have gigs where people actually dance and they definitely do that at Smart Bar.  Not quite sure where these people come from cuz I never see them at Lava for the dnb shows there, but I am still grateful for their enthusiasm and appreciate their dancing. 🙂

I’ve had a pretty lovely weekend.  Sam and Katie are here so I’ve been enjoying really good meals and some good hang out sessions.

Yesterday I went to go see 500 Days of Summer with Melissa and Zora.  CUTE!  Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are my two favourite indie actors so it’s a double pleasure having them both be in the same film and they were adorable.  I loved the movie.  Fun fact:  I found out that the guy that directed the film went to my high school.  Not like oh in 1948 or whatever but like he was in the same year as my older brother and Melissa.  Melissa  knows him. (Melissa and I went to high school together but she was just two years older than me.)  I think as you get older you realise that at some point there’s a good chance that at least one person you went to high school or college with is going to be famous.  There’s at least 5 people that I knew during that period of my life (high school/college) that are famous.  Props to them.

Metrik – Time to Change (track is in player)
I was a huge fan of Stranger (also in player) last year, Spinn turned me on to it.  Metrik’s tunes give me that Video Killed The Radio Star feel.  Don’t ask me why.  LOL.  It’s not a bad thing.  Video Killed the Radio Star was my favourite song when I was like 5 and I still love it to this day.  Big up The Buggles.  Eek… my age is definitely showing!

Geez.  I must have missed you.  I’m all chatty cathy today. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Scorpio aka Dj Die & Roni SizeTroubleV Recordings 1997
This tune was one I loved to mix.  It’s definitely not a good stand alone tune but it’s fun to ride out mixes with.  I remember I mixed at a Minneapolis outdoor fest called Cedar Fest one year and it was so ridiculously hot.  It was a horrible gig as they had asked me to mix between the bands but the bands kept doing their sound checks while I was mixing and they were really loud and annoying as it was some weird rock station stage (I was the queen of getting random gigs back then.  LOL.) and it was like 95 degrees out and the tables were set up directly in the sun and my records were warping as I was mixing.  I kid you not.  I remember being annoyed that I had put my records in such hot heat for people that couldn’t even hear my set anyways.  This record suffered the most.  I turned it into an ashtray for the apartment as the warping was so bad I couldn’t even play it anymore.

Chris InperspectiveMjazz Podcast 4


Chris Inperspective – Alfas Weekend
Chris Inperspective – Getting There
Chris Inperspective – Thursh and Grump
Chris Inperspective – Just Being
Chris Inperspective – Back from P
Chris Inperspective – Rather Be
Chris Inperspective – Why Does it make U
Chris Inperspective – Caricou
Chris Inperspective – Elite
Chris Inperspective – Fires
Chris Inperspective – Pandaling Hands
Chris Inp + Diamond Eye – Realms of Bias
Chris Inp + Diamond Eye – Ten


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