Windows Kiki

So I thought that my computer was fine and then my Windows somehow got corrupted and I couldn’t do a damn thing.  Boo.  Thank god for Pipeline.  He gave my laptop new life and also pointed me in the right direction to get a new keyboard so that he can replace it for me.  Yay.  Sorry external keyboard, you will no longer be needed.  It’s always a bonus to have a friend in the geek biz.

I’m going home this weekend and awfully excited about it.  It’s going to be quite the extravaganza at the African festival.  My people like to do it big yo.  😉  Jessica and Joia are coming with me.  I just like hanging out with my mum and eating good food and that’s the best thing that Madison, Wisconsin has to offer me.  Woot.

Tyler StraubImpatient

Today’s Oldie:
Dj RealityDetroit BluesRenegade Hardware 1999
Hands down my favourite record on this Armageddon LP.  So good.  Rowdy, live, dancefloor stormer.  Love it.

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show Bassdrive July 2009


01. Sabre – One Man Jettison [DARKESTRAL EXCURSIONS]
02. Consequence – Dread Tone [DARKESTRAL EXCURSIONS]
03. Webb – Theme 3 [N/A]
04. Consequence – Pseudo Echo [EXIT]
05. Spectrasoul – Insignia [EXIT]
06. Ultracode – Misto [N/A]
07. ST Files – Fat Soul [SOUL:R]
08. Luca – Square One [SAMURAI]
09. Phobia – Nothing To Lose [CODED]
10. Luca – Black On Black [N/A]
11. Edward Oberon – Bridge Out [N/A]
12. SP.Y. & Total Science Feat Riya – Testimony [N/A]
13. S.P.Y.- A.S.B.O. [SOUL:R]
14. S.P.Y – Camouflage Dub [31 R]
15. Klute – Take A Breath VIP [A BUNCH OF CUTS]
16. Digital & Outrage – Heroes [FUNCTION]
17. Amit & Outrage – Insane Bitch [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
18. Redeyes – My Valentine (S.P.Y. Remix) [VANDAL]
19. Jubei – Entrapment [METALHEADZ]
20. ST Files – Crackden [SOUL:R]
21. ST Files – Weight Down [SOUL:R]
22. S.P.Y. Feat Riya – Rebirth [SOUL:R]
24. Dose & Menace – Pick Up VIP [SAMURAI]
25. Teknik & Dose – The Intruder [N/A]
26. Bazil & Lean – Flashback [N/A]
27. Break – Progression [UTOPIA]
28. Bal – Venus In Furs [INFLUENCE]
29. Soul Intent – Wall E Got Stoned [N/A]
30. 8 Bits – So Good [CIA DEEP KUT]
31. Noah D Feat Einstein – Killing Time (Break Remix) [BASSHEADZ]
32. 8 Bits – Cyclops [CIA DEEP KUT]
33. Soul Intent – Falling [SAMURAI]
34. 8 Bits – On Your Mind [CIA DEEP KUT]
35. Maako & Andy Skopes – In The Raw (D Bridge Remix) [UTOPIA]


3 thoughts on “Windows Kiki

  1. indeed, the detroit blues is fantastic track. Infact whole Armageddon LP was huge step and a statue for drumandbass scene. Its massive album which has inspired many i think. All tracks so massive. Konflict back!!

    • agreed. it’s crazy to think about how many people are on that LP. i remember being so excited when i got it. it blew my mind. 🙂

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