Rap Attack Kiki

It’s friday.  Woot.  I’m playing Smart Bar with Dj Rap and Cringer tonight so if you’re in the Chi definitely come out.  I’m on from 12 to 130.  I can’t even tell you the last time I saw Dj Rap.  I swear it was in like 2000.

I’m hoping the weekend gets this lazy bitch behaviour out of my system and I act better next week.

Kathy and her bf Matt are still here and my friend Jon is in town too.  I feel like I’ve had friends visiting non stop lately.  I will say that one of the things that is a perk of unemployment is I get to hang out whenever which is cool.

Mutt & Generic – No Clue (track is in Generic player)

Today’s Oldie:
John BUp All NightMetalheadz 2001
I remember getting so sick of hearing this track.  It was everywhere all day everyday.  It’s still a good track though. 😉

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #16 November 2, 2009


Alix Perez – I’m Free
Atmospherix – Memories [Dub]
dRamatic & dbAudio – Cored [Hustle Audio Dub]
Alix Perez – 1984
Mr Sizef – Foggy World [Dub]
Joe Syntax – White Light [Dub]
Druid – ??? [Dub]
Mutt, Atmospherix & Eros – Today Halftime
Indivision – Out Of This [Dub]
Pessimist – Monday Nights [Hustle Audio Dub]
K-Dan – Truth [Dub]
Isotone – Human Error
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Pad Cemetery [Dub]
Survival – Betrayal
Mikal – Highway
Loxy & Resound – Storyboard
Digital & Outrage – Snowballs
Dj Fresh – Fantasia
Spirit – Raygun
Futurist – Simple Things Simple Life
Druid – Headbumps (June Miller Remix) [Dub]
Lynx & Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes
Druid – Sidestep [Point9 Dub]
Stunna & Switch – Nightwatcher
Spinline – Razzia
Bachelors Of Science – Sweat
Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies
Icicle – Lost Hours
Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks
Brother – Ever After
Brookes Brothers – Drifter
Laos – Star Soul


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