Weekend + Kiki = Love Affair

Yes.  Friday arrives once again.  Woot.  I’m back to eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer.  I need some sun to rid me of my disdain for pretty much everything and anything.  LOL.  Aren’t I pleasant?!

Cyantific – Empty Streets (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
3 Way aka Roni Size, Dj Die & KrustReplayDope Dragon 1998
God Damn Replay Replay Replay!  Love it.

Will MilesGuest Mix on PFR Radio May 2009


01. Dave Owen – On Point (Will Miles Remix)
02. Silver & Will Miles – Mother
03. Will Miles – West Grace
04. Will Miles – Together in Autumn
05. Will Miles – Pleasure Center
06. Will Miles – Lottery Winner
07. Will Miles – Knock First
08. Will Miles – Give Love a Chance
09. Will Miles – Hot Breath
10. Will Miles – Intonation
11. Style Control – Magic Style (Will Miles Version 1.0)
12. Will Miles – Private Account
13. Will Miles – Smokem
14. Will Miles – Tandem Crushing
15. Will Miles – Healing
16. Will Miles – Plate Up

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