Chef Kiki

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve become all about making yummy dinners.  Last night Jessica came over and we made a mixed greens and bell pepper salad, pasta with a spinach and vodka sauce, home made garlic bread and angel food cake with ice cream and strawberries for dessert.  Add a glass of wine, my roomates and some horrible television and you’re pretty much set for a perfect evening.  😉  It’s so easy to cook at home and so much cheaper.  I was thinking about my college days of living on pasta roni and take out and I’m definitely glad they are gone.

CalibreShelflife Vol. 2
Woot!  Shelflife 2 is here.  Loving Out The Box and Lazy Rock.

Today’s Oldie:
PascalWho Can DrawTrue Playaz 1998

Kiat –  Kongrete Bass Kongkast 87
Always a treat. One of my fave Itunes subscriptions.

01. D.Kay + DJ Lee – December (Metalheadz)
02. Kiat – Killing Colonists (Qilin)
03. Lutin – Remote Da Force (Function)
04. Sinistarr feat Jo-S – Vines (Sonorous Music)
05. Enei – Brick (Blu Saphir)
06. S.P.Y. – A.S.B.O. (Soul:R)
07. Sinistarr + Kiat – Black Diamonds (Hospital) Still really ❤ this!
08. Digital – Dirty Money (Amit + Outrage Remix) (Function)
09. Altered Natives – Negative (Eye 4 Eye)

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