Technimatic – Shogun Audio Brighton Promo Mix March 2014

FYI, finding mixes can be quite difficult.  LOL.  I remember having a conversation with my buddy Judi about this.  You traipse the internet looking for something decent to listen to and you find someone you don’t know with a decent tracklist and you think oh I’ll give it a go and then… rubbish.  It just goes to show that just because you have good tunes and know how to match beats, doesn’t make you a good dj. It sounds so nerdy, but you can hear the love of the music in the way the tunes are presented and mixed.  I love it when you get to rely on old faithfuls.  The process may seem repetitive when you just listen to the same djs all the time but I love being able to see people I know, see a good tracklist and know that I will enjoy the mix.

1 LSB ‘Leave’ (Soul:R)
2 Technimatic ‘Sphere’ (SGN:LTD)
3 Ivy Lab ‘Baby Grey’ (Critical)
4 Calibre ‘Schlager’ (Signature)
5 DKay ‘It’s On The Way’ (Soul:R)
6 Random Movement ‘Connections’ (Prestige)
7 Adam F ‘Circles (remix)’ (N/A)
8 dBridge & Vegas ‘True Romance’ (Metalheadz)
9 Lenzman ‘Paper Faces ft. Martyna Baker’ (Metalheadz)
10 Phil Tangent ‘Rinjani’ (N/A)
11 Total Science ft. Grimm ‘Another Time’ (Spearhead)
12 Calibre ‘Windows’ (Signature)
13 Lenzman & FD ‘Joanie’s Theme’ (Metalheadz)
14 Technimatic & LSB ‘Serendipity’ (Integral)
15 Karma ‘Salute’ (CYN Music)
16 Zero Tolerance ft. Riya ‘Truth Hurts’ (N/A)
17 Calibre ‘Cully Bridge’ (Signature)
18 Anushka ‘Never Can Decide’ (Ivy Lab Remix) (Brownswood)
19 Bungle ‘Blue’ (Spearhead)


4 thoughts on “Technimatic – Shogun Audio Brighton Promo Mix March 2014

  1. Thankfully we have people like you wading through the bullshit to find the gems! Music for the drive home from work is now sorted so thank you :). Hope Turkey’s treating you well!

    • ha! that’s actually the reason i started my blog. i was like i know i’m not the only person traipsing the internet for mixes. i have no qualms about sharing the wealth whenever i actually have time to update. 🙂

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