Early A.M. Kiki

It’s  really early.  I’ve been an early riser for as long as I can remember but still it never stops being strange that I’m awake kicking it when everyone else is completely passed out.  My gym is open 24 hours so I think I’m gonna head over there once I finish this post.

I don’t really have anything exciting to talk about this week.  It’s a pretty slow week.  I’m definitely feeling the unemployment factor right now because I’ve been working with my friend for the past couple of weeks so my idle time has been pretty much non-existent.  This week he’s out of town though and I’ve had to keep myself busy.  There are activities to do but they are activities of my own creation, so that makes the “I really have nothing to do factor” quite high.

Spectrasoul feat. Mike Knight – Melodies (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj ZincFruitellaTrue Playaz 2004

Now you can listen for yourself.  Paul SG is awesome.  Good tunes.  You can  also check out his other archives with Recline at the Bassdrive archive home.  Click here.

Paul SG Bassdrive Grifted Radio Live from Vienna 07/27/09 Special Edition

No tracklist.


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