Endorphins Kiki

I am a really early riser. Like super early. We’re talking 4/4:30 am. I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember. I usually don’t do anything but mull over my life, lay in bed, watch telly or read. I’m trying to be more productive though and go to the gym at that time instead. Fortunately my gym isn’t that far from my house or I know I def wouldn’t go. 😂 One of the motivators is knowing I will get to listen to really loud dnb for about an hour and a half while I release those endorphins. It’s so enjoyable. I never regret going. I just gotta get my ass up and moving.

I love this point of the summer. All the liquidy goodness that’s being released matches the outside energy. Blue skies, warm weather… yes I know I live in LA, but still. I guess let me rephrase it as matching the energy of the season that the majority of the world is experiencing at the same time.

So many bangers bringing me joy as I sweat away my troubles. These 2 were especially giving me all the feels this morning. So dreamy. 🥰


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