Unemployed Kiki

So…  I lost my job yesterday.  Hmmm.  I probably should be a lot more freaked out.  I’m surprisingly not disturbed.  I got a pretty decent severance package.  My bills are paid up.  *shrugs*  I kinda don’t know what else to say.  I’m not sad.  I liked working there but definitely had no aspirations to be a Workers’ Comp  legal assistant for the rest of my life so I guess that’s why I’m not devastated or anything.  It was just a job that paid my bills and let me dick around on the internet all day.  I know the economy is still shit so that should be worrying me but I guess I’m optimistic that something will come along.

I kept saying to myself that I felt a big change coming.  There were too many big events happening in my life for something drastic not to happen.  Roomate moving out etc.  I guess I didn’t think it would be my job though, I felt it would be something more on the mental outlook front.

I don’t have any hard feelings about it.  There weren’t that many new cases coming in.  I was the last one hired so I had to be the first to go.  I am going to miss listening to Bassdrive all day though. 😉

I’m going to Minneapolis today.  I guess I’ll have more of a handle on things when I get back on Monday.

No posts Friday or Monday.  We’ll chat more Tuesday.

Toodles. 🙂

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show @ Bassdrive June 2009


01. Kolab – I Am Sam (Luca Remix) – ??
02. Calibre Feat DRS – Loves Too Tight To Mention – Signature
03. Abstract Elements – Throb – Exit
04. D Bridge – Inner Disbelief
05. Flame – Metro Station
06. Subterra – Sketch – ??
07. Lowqui & Hooves – Icehouse – ??
08. Instra;Mental – Watching You – Nonplus
09. Tokyo Prose – Retake – Samurai
10. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Marlowe – ??
11. ASC – Starkwood – Nonplus
12. Mosus & HLZ – Nexus 7 – Liquid V
13. SKC, Munk & Hydro – Head First – Commercial Suicide
14. Marcus Intalex – Triband – Soul:R
15. ASC – Porcelain – Nonplus
16. Spectrasoul – Melodies Feat Mike Knight – Exit
17. Survival – Not Board – Dispatch
18. S.P.Y. – Slum Dub – Soul:R
19. Spectrasoul – Mimic – Subtitles
20. Eveson – Captain Morgan – Channel 82
21. Spectrasoul – Guardian – Metalheadz
22. Kharm – Wolf Jacket – ??
23. Zero T & Beta 2 Feat Steo – The Sea – Liquid V
24. Trei – No Vacancy – Samurai Music
25. Trei feat Thomas Oliver – Lead Me On – Samurai Music
26. Logistics – Murderation – Hospital
27. Friction & K tee – Set It Off – Shogun Audio
28. Serum & Vapour – Live & Direct – Critial
29. C.A.B.L.E – Forms – CIA Deep Kut
30. Rockwell – Noir – Critical
31. Spirit – Smashed – Inner Active
32. Trei & State Of Mind – Thunder Biscuit – Samurai Music
33. Alix Perez Feat Fats – Down The Line (Break Remix) – Shogun Audio
34. Marcus Intalex – Airbourne – Soul;R


One thought on “Unemployed Kiki

  1. hey i hope everythings settles and something good comes your way 😉 ,its funny but i realy relate to your posts haha im not kidding ,they kinda mirror shit im going through at times . anyway positive vibes your way yeah 😉

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