Live Band Kiki

Last night’s show was awesome.  I can honestly say that the one of things I miss about Minneapolis is how small the music scene was.  Everyone pretty much knew everyone.  There wasn’t that many of us so we all dabbled in everything and you got to know everyone personally and found ways to coordinate events etc.  I djed in between many an indie band set.  I did mash up gigs with live bands.  You just kinda did whatever.  Here the city is huge and I tend to just mingle with my dnb peeps.  I don’t really know many bands and I don’t even really know any other djs that aren’t really dnb djs.  I’m sure some of it is cuz I definitely don’t go out as much as I did in Minneapolis but at the same time i also know that it would be physically impossible to get to know every dj and every band here in Chicago. 😉  Anyways it was just fun to go see Andy’s band.  The Bottom Lounge was packed and that was actually my first time going to the new location.  Good times.

In other news here’s the awesome video of when the Ironlak USA team was in Chi.  Loves it.


Today’s Oldie:
Loxy & Usual SuspectsStalkerRenegade Hardware 1999

RezaSoul Initiation Show Live on Bassdrive


Decem – Some Sad Tones (dub)
Sol Id – Levitations (unsigned)
Joe Syntax (bios dub)
Notion – Searchin for Answer
Edward Oberon – La Vacca
Altair – Rock Ya Soul (Hobzee & Zyon Base rmx) [influenza ltd)
Tidal – Vortex (dub)
Cutworks – Exile (Intermission EP)
Electrosoul System – In Love (innerground)
Shapeshiffter – The One (original mix)
Break – Enigma (calibre rmx)
Random Movement – Stars in the dark
Atmospherix / Glen E Ston – So Much Love (good looking dub)
Alix Perez – Melanie (shogun)
Paul Saint Jack – Timeless (influenza media)
Soultec / Dirty B – Dont wanna loose U (dub)
Zero T / Steo – Refusal (calibre rmx)
Dave Oh and Jay Clart – Letting Go (dub)
Decem & Dirty B – Hold On (dub)
Stanza and Eros – If We Can (dub)
Intelligent Manniers – Where is my other half? (dub)
Crix – Secrets (absys rec)
Mortem – No Sushine (dub)
Amaning – Maraka (dub)
Atom – Breath In (dub)
Chris Inperspective / Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash (dub)
Paul T – Reflect (Emotif Rec)
Radicall – Night Flight (dub)

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