Giddy Kiki

I’m kinda excited about this week.  Kathy’s visiting from London so I’m hanging out with her tomorrow and then I go to Minneapolis on thursday.  It’s nice to break up the monotony.

Had a pretty nice weekend. Got to hang out with Mike yesterday as he was in town for a hot minute.   Mixed a lot of 2step/Garage.  I know my dnb records like the back of my hand but my 2step records I don’t necessarily mix on a regular basis anymore so I’ve been spending the time re-familiarizing myself with the tracks to get ready for the Steppers Alliance reunion this weekend.  I’ve even found some gems that I didn’t even know I owned.  Woot.

Still loving T2 feat. Jodie Aysha – Heartbroken. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
I decided to do a 2step/Garage oldie today. 🙂
Artful Dodger feat. Craig DavidR U Ready

SebaOctober Studio Mix 2009
I already listened to this.  It’s dope.


01. Illogic & raf – songs of experience
02. Mosus & HLZ – Nexus7
03. Calibre – understand
04. Seba – pressure point
05. Seba – dont you love me any more
06. Seba – painted sky ❤ it!
07. Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw – The joy (face to face) ❤ it too!
08. Spy – ASBO
09. Illogic & raf – complex identities
10. Eward Oberon – Paradise
11. Spy – the boy who cried wolf


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