Insomnia Kiki

I’ve been having mad insomnia lately.  I’m just up at 3am just kickin it.  Kickin it with who you ask?  Exactly.  No one.  I stare at the ceiling listening to my ipod anxiously awaiting dawn.  Definitely not cute.  Boo.

It’s my best friend’s bday today.  Happy Bday Jeremy. 🙂

Survival – Good to See (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Prizna feat. Annette BrownNatral HighKickin Underground Sound 1994
I just love that old skool jungle sound. ❤

SoultecDrumKraft Promo Mix 1


Dynamic – Innerfeelings – ??
Paul T – Round Midnight – Free
Stereotype – Like A Bad Habit – ??
dRamatic & dbAudio – Cameo – ??
Dynamic – Cities Of Splendor – ??
Marcus Intalex – Pole Dancer – Bindside
Eveson – Food For Thought – Goodlooking
Marky & Spy Feat Miri – Days Go Slow – Innerground
M25 – Morning Rain (The Square Remix) – ??
the Substitutes – Something Wonderful – ??
Glen E-Ston & Dave Owen – Dwelling In You – ??
Subsid & L-Side – Show Me The Way – ??
Big Bud – Want You So Bad – Soundtrax
Mutt Ft Kevin King – Conversations – CIA Deepkut
Ne-Yo – Why Does She Stay (dRamatic & dbAudio RMX) – ??


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