Hijack Kiki

So since I can’t use my laptop, I just hijack other people’s whenever I can.  LOL.  The wedding is this weekend.  I’m looking forward to it.  The rest of my fam arrives on thursday.  Woot.

More RM goodness for ya.  ❤
Random MovementPodcast #5


Eveson – Vice Point
Total Science & S.P.Y feat. Riya – Testimony
ATP – Shibuya Nights
Kjell – House Call
Sinistarr – Anorak (Lynx remix)
Need For Mirrors – Narrative
S.P.Y – Xenomorph
Flaco – Light ‘em Up
Will Miles & Stereotype – I Know Not Why
Flaco – I’m Thinking of You
Random Movement – What to do With Myself
Atom – Untitled
Lenzman feat. Riya – Open Page
Sabbia – Rhythm Blows My Mind (Nookie remix)
Notion & Dave Owen – Cherished Words
Dj Clart – We Rollin’
Bop – Tears of a Lonely Metaphysian (Lynx & Hellrazor remix)
Sinistarr – Emo
Lenzman & Switch – Untitled
Simplification – Love Forever
Lil’ Louis & The World – Club Lonely (Dan’s Milky Way remix)


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