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I had a pretty awesome weekend actually.  I worked my first shift at Smallbar and that went pretty well.  I’m still not a beer expert but I’m learning slowly. 😉  Mike (4/4) was in town so we went out for drinks.  I love it when he comes to town cuz I always end up going to places that I’ve never been to before, which is great cuz as much as I love my regulars, it’s always nice to frequent new establishments.  We went to the Paramount Room and Bluebird and I will definitely visit them again.

We are finishing the work at the temp job faster than they expected, so instead of 5 weeks it’s only a week and a half of work.  I’m not too bummed about it.  My unemployment got renewed and I’ll be ok until World Cup starts.

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show  5/3/10 Episode #29


Fade – Druid
Sabre – Peril
Indivision – Disturbia
Rockwell – Tribes
Amoss – Transversion [Hustle Audio Cdr]
Druid – Instructions [Cdr]
Fade, Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Incoming [Cdr]
Survival Ft. Christina Nicola – Secrets

Digital – Weather Man (Exit)
Digital & Morphy – Shanty (Exit)
Digital – Dirty Money (Amit & Outrage Remix) (Function)
Digital – Laters Star (Chronic)
Spinback + Gwange – The Execution (Serum Remix) (C.I.A.)
Digital & Outrage – Lifeline (Function)
Keygenlog – Gallileo  (Dubplate)
Outrage – Patients VIP (Metalheadz / Backlash)
Outrage – Armshouse (Tech Itch Remix) (Function)
Digital & Outrage – Final Demand (S.P.Y. Remix) (Function)
Kiat – Feeder (Metalheadz)
Digital, Lutin & Resound – Philly (Dubplate)
Digital & Outrage – Work For It (Dubplate)
Outrage – Scream (Dubplate)
Digital – Calling (Benny Page Remix) (Dubplate)
Outrage – New Faces (Dubplate)
Digital & Outrage – Magic (Function)
Probe & Cabbie – Mr Jah Remix
Digital & Outrage – Acid Drops (Dubplate)
Scam – Digital (Metalheadz)
Digital & Outrage – Pinch (Red Letter LP – Function)
Drum Cypha – The Haunted One (Function Dub)

Substance – Cut The Tension [Cdr]
Eastcolours – The Message
Inztance – Principles [Hustle Audio Cdr]
Trisector – Does Not Compute
The Funktion – Hold That Thought
Icicle – Minimal Funk
Joe Syntax – Keep Doing It [Cdr]
Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies (Druid Uptempo Remix) [Cdr]


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