Nanny Kiki

Joia’s dad is out of town and Jessica has to work so I will be picking her up from school and then hanging out with her for six hours.  Babysitting young babies is a breeze but 6 year olds are very active.  I see a lot of Hannah Montana, Scooby Doo (that’s her fave) and art projects on my agenda for the day.  She’s a cool kid so it will be fun. 🙂

Gilles PetersonBrownswood Drum & Bass Special
This looks awesome.  I’m looking forward to listening to this!


Source Direct – The Crane 3.17
Aquarius – Aquatic (Good Looking) 2.55
Photek – Fusion (????) 5.37
DJ Hype – Hello Lover (DJ Trace Remix) (IQ Records) 1.27
LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Good Looking) 3.09
Peshay – Futurama (Basement) 4.06
4hero – Parallel Universe (Reinforced) 3.36
DJ Dextrous – Sunny Smiles… (People) (King Of The Jungle) 2.09
Lemon D – Urban Style Music (Metalheadz) 3.31
Roni Size Reprazent – Trust Me (Talkin Loud) 1.34
United Future Organisation – Loud Minority (Alex Reece Remix) (Talkin
Loud) 2.20
Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (V Recordings) 2.37
Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Goldie Remix) 4.40
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Dubplate Version) 3.38
Adam F – Metropolis (Positiva) 1.49
Ed Rush & Optical – Zardoz (Virus) 3.20
Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn (Good Looking) 3.13
Wax Doctor – Never As Good (Talkin Loud) 2.49
Grooverider – Time & Space (Dubplate) 4.53
Innerzone Orchestra – Bug In The Bassbin (Planet E) 2.38
Original Playboys – Come To Me (Dubplate) 1.48
Scorpio feat. Leonie – Breakbeat Era (Full Cycle) 1.25
Roni Size – Music Box (Full Cycle) 2.07
Tom & Jerry – Maxi(mum) Style Booty Style – Part III (Shell) 2.16
Johnny One-Drop – Travelings (X Project Remix) (Talkin Loud) 2.32
Carlito – Carlito’s Way (Creative Source) 3.02
Fernanda Porta – Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix) (V Recordings) 3.57
UFO – Something Out There (Ray Keith Samba Mix) 3.16
Uncut – Midnight (Mist 2003 Mix) (Warner) 1.58
DJ Kane – Let’s Go To Work (Trouble On Vinyl) 2.34
Peshay – Switch (Island Blue) 1.33
Peshay – Miles From Home (Island Blue) 2.14
John Coltrane – Like Sonny (Peshay Remix) (Talkin Loud) 3.23
Underwolves – Under Your Sky (Origin Unknown Mix) (Island Blue) 2.25
Roni Size – Problems (Dubplate) 3.10
Calibre – Hypnotise (Soul:r) 1.52
Drumagick – Easy Boom (Sambaloco) 2.58
Alex Reece – Feel The Sunshine 4.41
Krust – True Stories (Talkin Loud) 7.38


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