Lost Time Kiki

Where did this week go???  Is today really friday?  I have been working non-stop.  Today is an extremely long day.  I gotta go help the girls with the sets in like 30 minutes then working at Smallbar Division all day and then go to Smallbar Fullerton at night.  No rest for the wicked right?

Enjoy your weekend.

Total ScienceFabricLive Promo Mix


01.Silent Witness & Break – ABTN
02.S.P.Y & Kasra – Surface
03.Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (Bootleg)
04.Alix Perez & Jubei – Untitled
05.Total Science & S.P.Y Ft Kevin King – Past Lifes
06.S.P.Y – Untold Future
07.Total Science. S.P.Y & System – Sleight Of Hand
08.System – Si-Fi
09.Heist – Sentinel Warning
10.Total Science – Concrete Proof
11. Total Science Ft Riya – Redlines (Break Remix)
12. Doc Scott – NHS (Total Science Remix)
13.S.P.Y – Sabotage
14.Data & Dynamic ft Kathy Brown – Compassion


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