You Get What You Pay For Kiki

I don’t mean that in a bad way at all.  It’s actually just an honest observation.

I used to belong to this fancy pants gym.  I got a ridiculous discount through my adidas insurance and have been there for the past 3 years because for some reason they never realised that I stopped working at adidas ages ago.  I guess membership there is 100 bucks a month and I was only paying 30.  They have employees that wipe down the machines for you, they have all the cable channels and your membership card doubles as a lock for your locker. Those three things aren’t the only things that you get with your 100 bucks.  I’m just listing a couple. 🙂

My new gym has none of those.  You wipe down the machines,  there’s not that many channels to watch and you bring your own lock.  Then again it’s only 10 bucks a month and my bank account likes that.  I think I was just noticing the difference because there are so few things in this world where you pay more and actually receive extra perks for the extra money you pay.  Really, for me, as long as I have my ipod and you have some weights and some cardio equipment, I’m good to go. 🙂

Deep Podcast #16

Dj Strife

Seba feat Robert Manos – Make Peace [Vibez]
Decem – Cyclons [Unreleased]
Strife & Harduro – Get U Alone [Unreleased]
Dave Owen & Glen E Ston – Untitled [Unreleased]
Sinistarr – Aquamech [Unreleased]
Spectrasoul & D Bridge – Glimpse [Shogun]
Sinistarr & Jaybee – Should I [Unreleased]
Random Movement – When I Come Alive [Innerground]
Commix & Logistics – Cold Kiss [Unreleased]
Raw Q – Hope [Unreleased]
Decem – 270 Without You [Unreleased
Sinistarr & Redeyes – Solar 9 [Metalheadz Forthcoming]
Strife & Harduro feat Morbid MC – Numb [Unreleased]

DJ Will

DJ Will, Wes & Giogiolive feat. Eugênia Craviotto – São Paulo Nights
Naibu – Worm Out
Soul Intent – Point Pleasent
Mindmapper – A Crunched World
Level 2 – Side Shows
Boymerang – Still
Spectrasoul – I Was 10
Photek – Neptune
Proxima – Clear For Launch
Command Strange – One Answer
Dramatic – Flames


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