Scarf, Hats, Boots, Coats & Kiki

Today is extra brrr.  I am dressed accordingly.  I don’t play when it comes to keeping warm.

Everyone needs Samurai Music in their lives.  I’m geeked that they started doing a podcast. 🙂
Dj PreshaSamurai Music Podcast #1


01. Calibre – Even If [Signature Dub]
02. Calibre – No Reply [Signature Dub]
03. Need For Mirrors – Scar Tissue [Samurai Red Seal Dub]
04. FD – Stack [Critical Dub]
05. Calibre – Broken [Signature Dub]
06. Need For Mirros – Def Tone [Samurai Red Seal Dub]
07. Lenzman ft Cliff – Lose You (VIP) [CIA DK Dub]
08. Siren & Fierce – Throwlight [Siren Dub]
09. Tokyo Prose – Saving Grace [Samurai Red Seal Dub]
10. Calibre – All You Got [Signature Dub]
11. Enei, Eastcolors & Noel – Cracker [Critical Dub]
12. Break – Too Much [Symmetry Dub]
13. Eastcolors – Hard Rock Cafe [Free]
14. ASC & Vaccine – Machines [Samurai Red Seal Dub]
15. Vicious Circle & Nocturnal — Last Chance Saloon [Commercial Suicide]
16. Break & Spectrasoul – Martyr [Symmetry Dub]
17. ASC – Bleep Test [Samurai Red Seal Dub]
18. Nu:Logic – Relentless [Hospital Dub]
19. Calibre – Gone Away [Signature Dub]


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