Scratch Your Eyes Out Kiki

I’m Bored.

Technicolour & Komatic –  Blackberry Torch & Don’t Stay In Mix


Technicolour & Komatic – Daydreamer (technique)
Sato – Detroit Lies Bleeding (ingredients)
Komatic – Make The Most Of Now (Technicolour Remix) (dub)
Technicolour – Lights (Komatic Remix) (bassdrive tunes)
Mr Joseph – Back On Earth (influence)
Technicolour & Komatic – No Evil (dub)
Random Movement – Risk (dub)
LSB – Rolling Sideways (spearhead dub)
Need For Mirrors – Nevada (shogun)
Technicolour & Komatic ft. Jayma – Vermillion (technique dub)
Komatic – Through The Long Hard Rain (dub)
Technicolour – The New You (dub)
Jnr Blue & Clart – Experiences (dub)
Dave Owen & Jaybee – I Don’t See Nothing Wrong (dub)
Technicolour & Komatic – Skyline Boulevard (technique)


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