Rest, Kiki? What’s That?

The longest day ever is about to commence.  I have training from 9 to 3 and then I have to go to work at 5… ouch.

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode 40


Blue Motion – How Can I Love You More
Consequence – Pseudo Echo
Stunna – Face The Night (Indivision Remix) [Cdr]
Data & Keza – Surveillance
Alix Perez – The Observer
Synkro – Letting Go (Dbridge Remix)
Rockwell – Fakin’ Jacks
Fade – Mk Ultra
Joe Syntax – Slingshot
Holdtight – Blackstone
Rockwell – Dj Friendly Unit Shifter
Icicle – Minimal Funk
Lynx – Disco Dodo
Lynx & Hellrazor – On The Other Side
Indivision & Livewire – Sunrise
Nymfo – Autonomous Robot
Loxy & Resound – Oblivion
Undersound – Marching Orders [Cdr]
Alix Reece – Basic Principles (Commix Remix)
S.P.Y. – Moon Patrol
Icicle – Magnetism
Amit & Klute – Kunt Kicker
Dissident – Scarecrow
Klute – Our Leader
Trisector – Frozen Funk
June Miller & Mindmapper – Quartz Controlled
Camo & Krooked – Turn Up (The Music)
Dynamic & Data – The Fold
Lynx & Malibu – Bangin’ Arcs
Blue Motion – Zebras Crossing Road
Djg – Hydrate (Consequence Remix)
Spectrasoul – Absentis


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