Headless Chicken Kiki

Oh man.  My life is kinda hectic.  I wish I was as calm as that headless chicken in that pic above.  I just chose this pic cuz I thought it was funny. The chaos is the result of all good changes happening but I’m just a bit pressed for time so it’s a wee bit stressful.  I’ll fill you in later. 😉

I have been on an old skool jungle kick all day.  I went to Internet Rave Archive and just listened to mixtape after mixtape.  It was a good afternoon.  Great homework music. 🙂

I don’t really have any tunes to highlight today.  I’ve been listening to a lot of mixes but nothing has really been standing out to me.  I can tell you though that I’ve developed a mayjaaah obsession with Roy Green & Protone.  Really digging their stuff.

Today’s Oldie:
This one is seriously dope.  Such a goodie. ❤
Hired Gun – Dem Gun Mad (Pow Pow) – Jungle  From Kniteforce 1994


2 thoughts on “Headless Chicken Kiki

    • i know that. i for some reason always want to type prototype. i actually had corrected it during class when i wrote this entry and i guess it never got updated. i just looked now and the corrected version is sitting in the drafts section. i was so busy trying to not look like i was writing a blog entry during class that i never bother to go back and check that it had updated. lol

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