Ben Soundscape (The Insiders) Intrigue Music Podcast 1

I don’t mind doing temp work until I leave to go teach in Turkey cuz the mindless data entry, filing, projects etc. gives me plenty of time to listen to endless amounts of mixes.  The company I’m working for is pretty cool and they tell me to listen to my ipod cuz, direct quote “I know it’s boring work.” LOL

Ben Soundscape – Intrigue Music Podcast 1 (click to download)


Quadrant & D-Struct – Sexy Beam [INTRIGUE]
NZ Shapeshifter – Gravity (Lenzman Remix)
Ben Soundscape & HazMatt – ?
The Insiders ft Collette Warren – Wonder Why (Break Remix) [INTRIGUE]
Response – Surveillance [INGREDIENTS]
Ben Soundscape & Bachelors of Science ft Collette Warren – Love Lost [INTRIGUE]
Joakuim – Miles Away [INTRIGUE]
Random Movement & Jaybee – Say [INTRIGUE]
Ben Soundscape & Raw Q – Departure [INTRIGUE]
Ben Soundscape – Gonzalez [INTRIGUE]
Random Movement – Little Treasures [LIQUID V]
Calibre – Overreaction [SIGNATURE]
Mr Joseph ft Collette Warren – Rose at Your Front Door [FIZZY PLATE]
Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz – Talk to Me [INTRIGUE]
Hazard – Time Tripping [PLAYAZ]
dBridge – Inner Disbelief [EXIT]
Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz – Panoramic (RoyGreen & Protone Remix) [INTRIGUE]
Jaybee – Been a Long Time [INTRIGUE]
Superior Selectionz – Halcyon [INTRIGUE]
The Insiders – Grand Scheme [INTRIGUE]
Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz – Sometimes [INTRIGUE]
Raw Q – NY State of Mine (Ben Soundscape Remix) [INTRIGUE]
The Insiders – Breathing Space [INTRIGUE]
LTJ Bukem – Atlantis I Need You [GOOD LOOKING]
Break & Xtrah ft DRS – Always New [SYMMETRY]
Icicle & Switch – Duh Duh!
RoyGreen & Protone – Through the Alps (Survival Remix) [INTRIGUE]
LSB – The Hurting [SPEARHEAD]
Total Science – Shelter [SPEARHEAD]


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