Phil Tangent – Treasure Island x Breeze Promo Mix

So I’m back in Wisco.

For the longest time I really disliked Madison.  Growing up in  London made it really hard to embrace this 250,000+ city.  I still find it too small but at the same time I’ve learned to appreciate it.  It’s so beautiful and it’s not everyday you get to be surrounded by lakes and trees.  After being in Indonesia I adopted this new found love for the outdoors and Wisconsin offers all those pleasures.

I remember when I first moved here from Chicago I kept mistaking the bunny rabbits that you see constantly for rats.  LOL.  They are everywhere and I wasn’t used to seeing so many of them at night.  Just the other day there was a gigantic turkey just kicking it on our street.  It’s even more beautiful in the summer.  I’m going to enjoy my 8 weeks home. :

I’m particularly enjoying running outdoors with my ipod blasting and listening to these gems. 😉

Phil Tangent – Treasure Island x Breeze Promo Mix



01. Phil Tangent – Remembrance
02. Malaky – Right Now
03. Phil Tangent – Clouded Judgement
04. Pennygiles & Ed:it – Set Theory
05. Maurs – Stand
06. Enei – Woodrunner
07. Redeyes – Feeling This Way
08. Detail & Tiiu – Days Go By
09. Rahmanee – The Stopper
10. Digital – Archive
11. Physics – Dreamworld (dBridge Remix)
12. Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile
13. Hyroglifics & Philth – The Forest
14. Rahmanee – Reprezent
15. Xtrah – No Good
16. Phil Tangent – Pale Into Insignificance


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