Turntable Nostalgia

I miss my turntables.

I never really wanted to dj.  I didn’t like mixing out at first.  I just really like loud electronic music and mixing records was a way to hear the tracks that I wanted to hear on a really loud sound-system.  When you’re a foreign kid that moves around a lot and is always new to school, you try your hardest not to do activities that make people stare at you for long periods of time.

As time went on, I joined a bunch of great crews and started to really enjoy mixing with them and learned to like bits and pieces of the whole djing culture.  Once I started graduate school, it became difficult to keep up with that lifestyle.  I worked all the time and had a ton of homework so I couldn’t feasibly justify staying out til 4am.  I barely sleep as it is and decided I would much rather go to bed than rave.  #oldpeopleproblems

Now that I don’t mix out any more, one of my favourite pastimes is long ass bedroom mix sessions.  All my stuff is at my mum’s house and I have my turntables nicely set up in my bedroom in the basement.  Before I moved to Japan, I was just a jobless offspring eating all my mum’s food and would spend my time posted up in my room, doing 4, 5+ hour mixing sessions.  I would be like “Ooh, lets do all Virus Recordings today,”  or “This feels like a Formation Records day”. 

It’s rainy out today and I really wish I could just have a marathon mix session.

I guess I’ll just listen to this mix instead. 


01 Redeyes – She Said (Vandal Ltd)
02 TaylorMcFerrin – Florasia – Redeyes Edits (Free)
03 Calibre – Let me Hold You (Signature)
04 J Daure – Redemption feat. Hanna Eve (Vandal Ltd)
05 Forren Feat Zoe K – You’re the One (Unreleased)
06 Tokyo Prose – Ventura (Samurai)
07 St : Cal – Losing Ground (Soul:r)
08 Robert Manos – Madness – Bcee Rmx (Spearhead)
09 Fluidity – Deeper Vibe (Vandal Ltd)
10 Halogenix – Her wave (Critical)
11 Random Movement – Stayed Around (Unreleased)
12 Redeyes Feat Dan Stezo – Psychonaut (Vandal Ltd)
13 Redeyes & Atlantic Connection – Cant Hide (WestBay)
14 Rosie Lowe – Me and Your Ghost – Redeyes edits (Free)
15 Colossus – The Road (Hospital)
16 DBridge – Mr. Malcontent (Exit)
17 Redeyes – Long Night (Unreleased)
18 Calibre – Run away feat Fox (Signature)
19 Forren – Sometimes (Unreleased)
20 Lukich, Tim Reaper & The Funktion – Safari at Night (Vandal Ltd)
21 M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S – Boulevard (Vandal Ltd)
22 Ivy Lab – 20 Questions (Critical)
23 Unknow – Unknow (Unreleased)
24 Anile – Losing My Mind (Hospital)
25 AI & DBridge – Better Days (Liquid V)
26 Submorphics – Rosewood (Shogun Ltd)
27 Calibre – All the While (Signature)
28 Jazzassins – Odron (Jazzsticks)
29 Redeyes – Memory Lane (Vandal Ltd)
30 Technimatic – Music is Music (Shogun)
31 Tokyo Prose & Lenzman – Wont let me Go (Samurai)
32 Redeyes – Time For Peace (Vandal Records)
33 Redeyes – Underneath (Vandal Ltd)


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