Gym Motivation

Ugh, dreary, cold, rainy.  Trying not to be a lazy git.

Current treadmill listening mix.  Love me some Bank. 🙂


Bank – Strictly Extracurricular  (love this ❤ ❤ )
Random Movement – We’ve Been Lost In Time
Alix Perez – Never Left
Zero Tolerance – Goes Around
Commix – Everything
Break – Hope (feat. Celestine)
Bakersville – Times (Document One Remix)
Break – Pushing On Me
Commix – Midas Touch
Alix Perez – Stray
Stich, Icicle, Alix Perez – This Is How
Alix Perez – Losing You
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange – Flirt
Rowpieces – Sibyllic
Random Movement – A Day Without Death
Rowpieces – Nisa
Fred V – Resolved
Atmospherix – Memories
Altitude – Cotton & China
Gerwin – Vibrating For You
Velocity, Key MC – Ladder


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