Mexico Kiki

I turned 40 and celebrated my bday in Puerto Vallarta with a bunch of my friends.  I had a brilliant time!  Def a wonderful way to start a new decade of my life.  

Holidays can be tiring af though, with all the traipsing around, gallivanting from here to there and the margaritas flowing, and I came home and passed the eff out.  

Now it’s 2:45 a.m. and I’m wide awake listening to Calculon and pretending to unpack.  Really I’m just lying in bed, hanging out with the internet.  ☺

Ocean Grill Puerto Vallarta.JPG


1. Bcee & Lomax – Midnight Caller
2. Mathematics & Tactile – Rub A Dub
3. Visionary – Gimme Your Love
4. Syncopix & Matt Sauer – Xcellence
5. Zero T & Rohan – User Deadly
6. Sabre – Dojo
7. Ill Logic & Raf – Forever
8. Submorphics – Make It Happen
9. Random Movement & Ben Soundscape – Many Things
10. Calibre – Hi Note
11. Random Movement & Ben Soundcape – Perpetual
12. Mutt & Calculon feat Kevin King – Easy On The Motion
13. Utah Jazz – Runaway
14. St Cal – Losing Ground
15. Technimatic – Vermillion (Random Movement Remix)
16. Sabre – Oxygen


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