Christmas Treats

Leaving tomorrow to go to my mum’s for Xmas.  As much as I love living in LA, growing up in a cold climate makes me associate Christmas with bundling up, being cozy, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, snow and so on.  It’s not cold and I still haven’t worn a coat since I moved here.  LOL.  So I’m looking forward to the cold for two weeks and will gladly leave it behind again after that!  I just like my Christmas with a side of negative temperatures. 😊

SATL has given us a Christmas treat.  I’ve already listened to this mix loads.  It’s so good.  It’ll keep me company as I trek to the airport tomorrow with all the rest of the holiday travellers.

Satl – Coming Back
FD – Top2Bottom
Shy FX & T-Power – Everything (Ill Logic & Raf Remix)
Satl – Self Reflection
Redeyes – Fine Again
LSB – Untitled
Tokyo Prose – Trick Of The Light / Pola & Bryson ft. Lauren Archer – Night Dawns (Acapella)
Kyrist – Untitled
Submorphics – Untitled
Calibre & Zero T – Waterfall (Unreleased Mix)
FD – Untitled
Clipz – Down 4 (Myth Gully Mix)
Skeptical & SP:MC – Smelly Button
The Sauce – The Sauce
Myth – Untitled
FD – Untitled
Marcus Intalex – Cabal
Satl – Drifted
Skeptical – 8am to 1am
Calibre – The Sweet
Javano – Untitled
Anile – Untitled
Satl – Supposed To Be
Satl ft. Steo – All My Life
Artificial Intelligence – Broken Silence
Satl & Artificial Intelligence – Untitled
Satl & Artificial Intelligence – Untitled
Satl – So Much Better
Mohican Sun – Calgary


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