Discombobulated Kiki

You know when you have too much stuff going on so you just kind of mentally check out and hope it all goes ok… No? Just me? 😂

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on and I’m definitely all over the place. The only thing keeping me on track is that I’m one of those annoying “put everything in my calendar” people. Shout out to my Google Calendar for letting me know where to be and what to do.

I had been putting a lot of stuff on hold because I wasn’t able to physically do anything due to COVID restrictions. Now the restrictions that had been stopping me have been lifted and shit’s got to get done, which makes me sad, breaks my heart all over again and causes me great anxiety.

I know everything will be sorted. I’ve got a great family and friends around me who are helping me. In the meantime though, I’ll just keep trudging along and hope I don’t let too much shit slip through the cracks.

Currently up way too early and listening to Pola & Bryson.


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