Liquid & Kiki

It’s funny to me that I used to mix super duper noisy, rowdy, party drum n bass in my younger years. While I was at my mum’s I found all these old mixtapes of tag team sessions with me and my crew and they were so live and fun!

At 45, my knees and ears are def not in the mood for that type of dnb, but it was really enjoyable to take a trip down memory lane. (my mum still has a stereo with a tape deck, so I listened to the tapes).

It’s been liquid all day ‘erry day for me since about 2003. But I had a good 8 or 9 years where I was only about jump up, ragga jungle, and whatever you want to call the different genres that came out over those years that made me want to hug the speaker the most. 😊

I still like to go out and listen to dnb when I can. I do have the odd dance here and there. That Phonox event that Greg played at back in November, I danced for like 4 hours straight! Most of the time though I’m looking for a pleasant soundtrack for my day-to-day activities. As long as they are “Senior-citizen/pensioner” friendly. LOL. Really just mostly want background music as I lesson plan, clean, work out and drive for long periods of time.

I’m probs late to the game, but I just subscribed to this YouTube channel and it’s bringing me so much joy as I lesson plan for the week. 😍


Currently listening to the Calibre mix.


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