Spanners & Kiki

I’m not going to get too in to it, but people derailing your grieving process sucks. I’m just taking everything in stride. My dad has been gone for 1 year and there are still people taking actions that hinder me from getting closure. It’s definitely not fun. I’ve moved on from crying because I’m sad to crying because I’m angry. Is that growth? 🙃

My new position at work has me back to working 8 hour days. I’m enjoying it, but I’m trying to get used to working at home 8 hours a day. When we first went to WFH, I was furloughed and only teaching part time in the evening. I spent my days as I pleased and had more than enough time to prep for my evening classes. Now I’m back in grad school and working from home full time. I fully understand that others have been trying to find this balance for the last 2 years. I’m new to the game though, so my time management definitely needs a little tweaking. I’m working on it.

I’m listening to old old old old old Andy C mixes. It’s funny to be doing serious work and be sitting at my desk full on raving with the volume at 100% at 10 am.

This came on and it made me really happy. This tune is 22 years old. 😲


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