Dude.Β  This mix isΒ πŸ”₯.


01 // Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Lose Control
02 // DJ Die – Drop Bear
03 // Total Science – Street Level
04 // Capone – Friday
05 // Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Moonwalk
06 // Doc Scott – NHS (Total Science Remix)
07 // Dylan & DJ Ink – Need You
08 // Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation
09 // Future Forces Inc. – Cold Fusion
10 // Dom & Roland – Imagination (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)
11 // Jonny L – Trouble
12 // Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria
13 // Fierce & Cause 4 Concern – Carrier
14 // Digital – Deadline
15 // Ed Rush & Optical – Point Blank
16 // Konflict – The Mummy
17 // Phantom Audio – Remote Control
18 // Jonny L – See Red
19 // Bad Company – Seizure
20 // Kemal – Bleed
21 // Matrix – Apache
22 // Cause 4 Concern – Bodycount (C4C Remix)
23 // Moving Fusion – Turbulence
24 // Stakka & Skynet – Decoy
25 // Special Forces – The End (Remix)
26 // Optiv & Bullitproof – Camouflage
27 // Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me

Kiki Raises The White Flag

I admit defeat.Β  Graduate school is officially the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.Β  I still am enjoying what I’m learning but dang, there’s so much work and it really is becoming a bit overwhelming.Β  Don’t worry I’m not gonna get all emo.Β  I’m hanging in there.Β  I can’t wait til this semester is over though.

Some good dnb shows come up in the Chi so that’s at least something to look forward to.

Always good to see A Sides.  He never disappoints. ❀

The following week Calculon will be back throwing down at Smart Bar.Β  Love Calculon too.Β  Will be an awesome distraction to hang out with the dnb homies and listen to some good tunes as finals approach.Β  If you are in town make sure to come hang out.Β  You know there are good times to be had!

Been loving this one for a minute.Β  Nice vocal.

Command Strange & Intelligent MannersMore Than You Know

T.E.E.D. GardenCalibre Remix
I know sometimes I get a bit Calibre happy on the tunes but this one is so pretty I had to post it.

Today’s Oldie:
MatrixCan’t StopMetro Recordings 2002
Old dnb rocks my world.Β  Love this tune.

Sevin – 1xtra Guest Mix
I just recently started hearing Sevin tracks.Β  I’m officially a fan.Β  Loved this mini guest mix on 1xtra.Β  You’ve prolly already heard it but I’m posting it anyways. πŸ™‚


01 // Penny Giles β€” Au Revoir Blackbird! [Good looking]
02 // Imagery β€” Flying Trapeze [dub]
03 // Sevin β€” Tonight [Rubik]
04 // Mr Joseph β€” Wondeful Feelin [Liquid V]
05 // Random Movement β€” Heard it in my head [Rubik]
06 // Flaco β€” Northstar [Rubik]
07 // Jaybee β€” Dry Air [Instinct Audio]
08 // Sevin β€” Really old computer [Soul Deep]
09 // Penny Giles β€” Momentary Switch [Dub]
10 // Sevin β€” Lost in translation [Stepping forward]
11 // Sevin β€” No Wonder [Prestige]
12 // Sevin β€” Monday Blues [Soul Deep]
13 // Fugees β€” Fu-gee-la (DnB Bootleg)

Flight Cancellations Kiki

Nima’s flight got cancelled til this evening so she came back to mine and we’ve been kicking it.Β  Good.Β  I didn’t want her to leave anyways. πŸ™‚

Bailey1xtra DnB Show 12/8/10


Crissy Criss & Youngman – Take You Higher [Technique]
Lenzman – Masquerade [DJ Die Remix] [Metalheadz Platinum]
A-Sides – One DJ VIP [Clear Skyz]
Wilkinson – Moonwalker [Ram]
Fresh – Heavyweight [Digital Soundboy]
Critical Impact – The Shining VIP [Formation]
mRjOSEPH – Break It Down Like This [Totaal Rez]
Brookes Brothers – Beautiful [ft Robert Owens] [Breakbeat Kaos]


Mutated Forms – Doubts [Grid]
A-Sides – One DJ [Clear Skyz]
Calibre – Even If LP [Signature]
Doctor P – Sweet Shop [Friction & Camo & Krooked D&B Mix] [Maximum Boost]


Break – Resistance LP [Symmetry]

Influx Datum – Alright For More VIP [Formation]
Influx UK – Take My… [Formation]
Total Science And S.P.Y – Ghostrider
Icicle – Dreadnaught feat SP:MC [Shogun]


Loadstar – Link To The Past [Ram]
DJ Fresh – Gold Dust [Bailey Dub[ [Ministry]
London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music [Hospital]
Camo & Krooked – Reincarnation [Hospital]
Noisia – Block Control VIP
Netsky – Iron Heart [Hospital]
Shimon & Andy C – Body Rock [Ram]

Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy [Neosignal]
Break – Martyr feat. Spectrasoul [Symmetry]
Cause 4 Concern – Pandemic [Chris Octane & DLR Remix]
System And Fracture – Yeah But . . . [Subtitles]
Crystal Clear and Zen – Heavy [Ganja]
Heist – Unicron VIP III
Serum – Souped Up [Heist Remix] [Co-Lab]
Dub One! – Foolish Dub
Blokhe4d – Kisses and Lies
Document – Forgive Me [Heist Remix]

Master Kiki

I’m up to my ears in graduate school admission requirements and the like. Β I’m looking to apply to get my masters for the spring semester of 2011. Β I’ve found the programs that I’m applying to but just need to get the ish together. Β I’m trying to get it all done this week so that once world cup starts I won’t have to find time to get all the paperwork done.

Dj Bailey1xtra June 2, 2010


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Lynx Remix) [Metalheadz]
Phil Tangent – Billie’s Smile [Soul:R]
Utah Jazz – Twilight Sunrise (Remix)
Netsky – Endless Search [Hospital]
Fabolous – The Words Of Love (Makoto Remix) [Human Elements Digital]
Paul SG – Organic Mode [BDT]
Crissy Criss & Youngman – Turn It Up [Technique]


Capone – Back To Detroit [Test]
Vague – 241 [Radius]
DJ Die & Interface – Bright Lights (feat. William Cartwright) [Clear Skyz]
Sub Focus – Timewarp VIP [Ram Records]


DJ Hazard – Platinum Shadows EP [Playaz]

Squash – The Tunnel
Crystal Clear & Zen – Gang Related [Cold Blooded Recordings]
Mutated Forms – Doubts [Grid]
Kabuki – Watch Your Step (feat. Jeru The Damaja) (Need For Mirrors Remix) [V Records]


N.W.A – Express Yourself
Public Enemy – Don’t Believe The Hype
EPMD – So Whatcha Sayin
LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
Eric B. & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul
Main Source – Looking At The Front Door

Tom and Jerry – All Of My… (Unofficial Remix)
DJ Taktix – The Way (Serum Remix)
C.A.B.L.E – So Real [Creative Source]
Total Science & SPY – Legion [Metalheadz]
Hybris – The Cleaner [Critical Recordings]
System – Sy-Fi [Integral]
War – Rafael
Lomax – Praise [Ram Records]
Lemonde – Dead By Dawn VIP
Capone – What Do I Do [Test]
Spy – Xenomorph [Metalheadz]
Dub One – Red, Gold & Green
DJ Chap – Tell Me
Mark Solitaire – Swords
Dave Owen – Yo Girl [Creative Source]
Rox – No Going Back (DC Breaks Remix) [Rough Trade]
Lenzman – Masquerade [Metalheadz]
McLean – Finally In Love (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Performance – The Living (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)

Mosh Pit Kiki

So tomorrow Stunna is playing at the Pendulum show at the Bottom Lounge.Β  It’s 18+ and it should be very interesting. πŸ˜‰

Cern – Sometime Soon (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Rude Bwoy MontyWarp 9 Mr. ZuluFrontline Records 1995

Bailey1xtra Mix Show


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Lynx Remix)
Submorphics – Step In the Spot (feat. Selfsays) [Westbay]
Utah Jazz – Bunny Boiler
Edward Oberon – Paradise [Creative Source]
Total Science – Redlines (feat. Riya) [Critical]
Artificial Intelligence – Three’s a Crowd (feat. dBridge)
Noise Factory – Be Free (Dawn Raid Remix)


SpectraSoul – Bygones [Shogun Audio]
Xample & Lomax – Remember [Ram Records]
Taxman – Revenge Of The Drunken Fool EP [Ganja Records]
Total Science & S.P.Y – Gangsta [Shogun Audio]


Breakage – Foundation LP [Digital Soundboy]

Capone – On The Wheels [Test]
Agent Alvin – Moonlight Bay [Hospital]
Chimpo – Manchester Anthem (Silver Remix)
Total Science – Squash (S.P.Y 2010 Remix)
Total Science & S.P.Y – Locked In [Shogun Audio]
Subwave – Road Rage [Metalheadz]
Prolix – Noisy Neighbour
Hybris – The Cleaner [Critical]
Code 3 – Living Proof [Exit]
Ed Rush & Optical – Lifespan [Virus]
Tech Itch – Black Widow
Black Sun Empire & D Kay – Bullet In The Head (Gridlok Remix)
Lynx & Alix Perez – Keep It Low (feat. Kemo) [Detail]
Heist & Marley Marl – Et 2010
Marky & S.P.Y – Fang Face [D-Style]
Taxman – Dreamland [Liqweed Ganja]
Aswad – City Lock (Breakage Remix)
Nebula – Retrospective
Dub One – King Operator
System 01 – Time Target
Code 3 – Response Call [Exit]
War – Rafale
DJ Chap – Tell Me
LSB – All Of My Love
Phil Tangent – Billies Smile
Total Science – Soul Patrol (feat. MC Conrad) (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Super Jungle VIP)
Dave Owen – Yo Girl [Creative Source]
Tom and Jerry – Dancer [Tom & Jerry]

Summer Kiki

Yay, summer has returned.Β  It’s absolutely gorgeous outside.Β  I already went for a nice bike ride.

Last night was really good.Β  I feel like I was fortunate enough to spend the whole of wednesday listening to really awesome dnb.Β  Will and Stunna on Bassdrive was a really great show and then at Lava everyone just had really good sets.Β  It’s days like those that I know why I love dnb so much.

KenshiroStir (Telmo A Mix)
This tune is nice and summery. It’s been a while since I heard a “lying on the beach sipping multicoloured cocktails” Kiki tune.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj ZincPrankstersTrue Playaz 1996

Bailey & Spectrasoul Bailey 1xtra DnB Show 9/2/09


Lenzman & Redeyes – High & Low (Integral)
Dj Chap – Tell Me
Edward Oberon – Paradise
Calibre – Let Me Hold You
Cinematic – Colour Blind (Spearhead)
Furney – Song For Kong (Good Looking)
Interface – Get Lo (Audio Zoo)
Roni Size – Windrush (Heist remix) (V Recordings)
Heist – Quake (Sumo Beatz)

1Xtra D’n’B Chart
5. Instra:mental – Watching You (Non Plus +)
4. Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend (High Contrast remix)
3. Hazard – Wicked So (Playaz)
2. Alix Perez – Down The Line (Break remix) (Shogun Audio)
1. Sub Focus – Rock It (Ram Records)

S.T.A.S.H. ft DJ Fresh – Phaze Two
Logistics – Warehouse (Hospital)
Spectrasoul ft Kenny Notts – 4 Points (Metalheadz)
Total Science & Spy ft Riya – Testimony
Breakage Foundation – Digital Soundboy

Spectrasoul – How Strange
Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul remix) (Metalheadz)

Spectrasoul in the mix
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Forsaken (feat Peven Everett) (Shogun Audio)
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero
SpectraSoul – Mimic
SpectraSoul – Wedgehead (Critical)
Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood
SpectraSoul – Guardian (Know you want me)
Commix – Belleview (D Bridge’s Belle-Review Mix) (Metalheadz)
Alix Perez – Voices

Dom & Roland – Jungle Beast (Dom & Roland Productions)
Total Science & S.P.Y. – Jerico
Zero T & Bailey – Wasp Factory
Moses & HLZ – Nexus 7 (Liquid V)
Heist – Sleep In Your Eyes (V.I.P. mix)
Potential Badboy – Fast Cars
Edward Oberon – Paradise

Funky Kiki

It’s funny how you can be completely oblivious about categories of music.Β  There’s just so damn many.Β  Just the other day Radiata used the term skullstep and I was completely clueless.Β  I’m so liquid funk til I die that most of these terms are lost on me.Β  Skullstep can pal up with clownstep as far as I’m concerned.Β  Just not my cup of tea.Β  I don’t like weird, noisy, scary, angry dnb.Β  This is something that you have definitely learned about me by now, right?Β  Pretty, pretty, pretty, that is definitely what Kiki is about. πŸ˜‰

I was listening to 1xtra this weekend as I cleaned my place and I tuned in to Dj Target’s show.Β  He kept talking about UK Funky and I was unaware that this was a music category.Β  I recognised the tunes.Β  I am a Crazy Cousinz fan.Β  I think that I posted a track of theirs sometime last year even.Β  I was just unaware that they had a category name.Β  LOL.Β  Regardless I’m digging it. (Daniela I feel like you might like this genre.)Β  To be honest they were the types of non-dnb tracks that I was digging anyway.Β  I just like that now I can look under a specific category and prolly find stuff I like.

Loving this one right now.Β  Girly, pretty, dancey, wicked.Β  Woot.Β  Big up Meleka.

Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

Back in dnb land… I’m excited for the Raiden show here in Chicago on thursday.Β  Raiden has been popping back and forth thru Chicago as he goes on different legs of his tour.Β  I’ve been fortunate enough to hear different snippets of him practising and he sounds wicked.Β  Really good tracks and just overall nice mixing.Β  You cant be crap anyways when you’ve been around as long as he has.Β  He’ll be at Smart Bar tomorrow.Β  I’m not going to lie… I can do without the openers.Β  I’m sure they are wonderful people but I just don’t have the tolerance for noisy dnb anymore.Β  I am a senior citizen dammit.Β  Like I said at the beginning of this post rowdy, loud, noisy, scary dnb is no longer in my vocabulary.Β  I’m just going for his set. πŸ™‚

I’m still trudging through mixes.Β  I’m so so behind.Β  LOL.Β  Bad Kiki.

SKS – Wiseman (track is in player)

Hiten – Turnover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Future CutOverloadRenegade Hardware 2000
Loves it.

NymfoLive @ RBT


01. Spirit – Eastern Promises
02. Nymfo + Cern – Proton Pack
03. S.P.Y. – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
04. Break + Fierce – Hooligan
05. Nymfo – Social Isolation
06. SKC – Off Guard VIP
07. Proxima – Deep Space
08. Chris SU – Bandpassed
09. Nymfo – Flying Fortress
10. Martyn – Wonder Why
11. Break – Re-tech
12. S.P.Y. – Elite Squad
13. Phobia + Jubei – Cooper’s Dream
14. DJ Die – Clear Skyz (Break remix)
15. Icicle – Frozen
16. Ram Trilogy – Human Future
17. Lomax – Mercia
18. SpectraSoul – Mimic
19. Spirit – Spark
20. Proxima – Serengeti
21. Break – Empire
22. Dose + Menace – Pick Up
23. Ed Rush + Optical – Goodfoot
24. Proxima – You Ain’t Ready

Dance For Me

I went to see Dizzee Rascal yesterday. 1xtra plays that Dance For Me song all the time and I love it. I’ve seen him before and I always really enjoy his shows. He’s a good live performer. I find it really strange that there are so many artists that are actually pretty bad live. It’s almost surprising when you see someone who actually puts on a good show. Other people I always think put on a great live show are The Streets and M.I.A.

EL-P was on the bill last night too. I don’t really listen to a lot of rap but I definitely like this dude’s stuff. I’ve seen him a couple of times before and he’s just an all round good rapper. It was a good show. I had fun.

Remember that Dillinja remix of Basement Jaxx feat Dizzee Rascal – Lucky Star? I really liked that one.

I’m in a dubstep mood today. I actually listen to a lot of dubstep. You know how there are some things that you just do and you don’t really blab about it that much? That’s how it is with me and dubstep. I’m a big fan of the Bass Goes Boom nights. Chef is at the next one. Should be dope.

I’ve been feeling a bit poorly this week and haven’t really been doing any work so I think I’m going to try and be a good employee today.


Chef – Rinse FM – May 6, 2008