Stressed Out Kiki

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m kinda frazzled.  I don’t have enough time to do anything and each day since I got back there’s like ten thousand errands to run.  On top of that my roomate moved out yesterday and my flat looks like a squatter lives there so I need to rearrange crap and clean.  All of these things = not fun.  I know it’ll all sort itself out but in the interim it’s still worrisome. :/

Level 2First Me

EZ RollersHere I Am – Basher Remix (track is in Basher’s player)
Nice track.  I actually like both versions.  The original is in EZ Rollers player.

Today’s Oldie:
Click n Cycle125th St.Emotif Recordings 1996

LTJ BukemFabric Live Promo Mix June 2009
Nice!  I’m actually excited for this mix. 🙂


01 Redeyes – Battle Sweet Things (Spearhead)
02 Redeyes & Mutt – Ode To The Ghetto (Good Looking)
03 Calibre – Alien (Unknown)
04 A-Sides – Tokiado (East Side Records)
05 Paul T – Beautiful Girl (Fizzy Beats)
06 Zero T – Make It Home CIA)
07 A-Sides – One Love (East Side)
08 J- Layze – Memoryz (Looking Good Records)
09 Calibre – Out The Box (Signature)
10 Mutt – Era Draft (Unknown)
11 Furney – Pipez (Good Looking)
12 Ink and Perpetuum – Say Never (Colours Audio)
13 Redeyes – The Science Of Sleep (Unknown)
14 Furney – You Were There (forthcoming Good Looking)
15 Furney – Missing Her Missing You (Good Looking)
16 Utah Jazz – Cloud 9 (V-recordings)