Boo :(

Really busy.  Sorry no time to write anything profound.

Here’s an awesome spotlight on Brother on  DFunk’s Funked Up Radio though to make up for it.  It’s old but I never got a hold of it the first time around.


Brother Spotlight on Funked Up Radio Feb ’08

Ants In My Pants

Knowing that I don’t have to work tomorrow is so exciting.  Finally my much talked about mini holiday is here and I can’t wait.  I’ve been antsy all day cuz the clock is just moving too bloody slowly.

Can we talk for a second about how awesome Tyler Straub is?  He really is quite the musical genius.  Stunna played Waiting For You yesterday.  Love it!  It’s not in the player but you should really listen to his stuff.  So good.  Take a peak. 🙂

Didn’t get to listen to all of DFunk’s show today but I did catch a little bit.  He played a nice Komatic tune that I was digging called Untold Stories.  Nice.

Today actually hasn’t been as boring as it could be.  I’m just anxious for the day to be done.  I’m gonna try and post tomorrow before I head out of town.


Fusion & BCeeSpectrum @ IC Radio 08/22/08


  1. J.M.D Team – In Quest of Mystics (Deformed Soundz)
  2. ICR – Crummy (Counter Intelligence Digital)
  3. Intelligent Manners – Never Enough (CD-R)
  4. Deepcutt – Granger (CD-R)
  5. Tane & Chords – Guardian Angel (CD-R)
  6. Drifta – Left Me For Her feat. Jaz & Tayong (CD-R)
  7. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold [Komatic remix] (CD-R)
  8. Redeyes – Poetry In Motion feat. Sweed (Spearhead)
    >>BCee Interview
  9. Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Unwind Your Soul (CD-R)
    >>BCee in the mix
  10. Danny Byrd – Red Mist feat IK (Hospital)
  11. Redeyes – Blue Note (Spearhead)
  12. Redeyes feat. Mutt – Sugar (Spearhead)
  13. Lomax – Come & See (Critical)
  14. Nu:Tone – Balaclava (Hospital)
  15. Adele – Hometown Glory [High Contrast remix] (XL)
  16. Random Movement – Reasoning With the Weeds (Innerground)
  17. Lomax – The Wackness (Dub)
  18. David Carbone & Kubiks – Frisco Disco (Industry)
  19. Nu:Tone – System feat. Natalie Williams (Hospital)/Sub Focus – Airplane (Ram)
  20. Redeyes – Luv & Haight [Matrix remix] (Spearhead Dub)
  21. London Elektricity – Attack Ships On Fire (Hospital)
  22. Calibre – Overeaction feat. Lariman (Signature)
  23. Zero T – Walk Away feat. Steo (C.I.A.)
  24. Calibre – Alone In A Crowd (Signature)
  25. Shapeshifter – One (Brand:Nu)
  26. 4 Hero feat. Face – Look Inside [Nu:Tone remix] (Raw Canvas)