Days Off Kiki

I have 3 days off in a row.  Woot.  Yesterday was a me day.  I didn’t write, I just pampered myself and took care of my allergies and just chilled the fuck out.  Today I’ve been running non stop errands.  One of those errands you’ll be happy to know is picking up my new computer.  Holla.  I’m happy that I have that old one as a back but damn is it slow.  Anyways no use dwelling in the past.  I have a brand new laptop and I get to be back in internet land again. Yay.

10 more days and World Cup is over.  I’ll be both happy and sad.  I’ll miss my new World Cup buddies and being able to watch football pretty much everyday.  I won’t miss the nonstop working.  People need to have a break every once in a while.  It’s not good to go on 9 day, 8 day, 6 day working streaks.  It tires a person out.

My allergies are clearing up.  I finally gave in and bought the Claritin D.  I knew I needed to take it but I just feel so hopped up when I do.  It’s too strong.  Whatever.  I was so miserable that I just decided being hopped up for a couple of days wouldn’t be better than how horrible I’ve felt for the past 5 days.

I’ve been listening to so many mixes and have heard so many new tunes that I can’t even keep up.  I hope I remember them all.  It’s times like this that I miss my desk at my old job cuz I could always refer to my trusty chicken scratch post its.  I just keep having to make a mental note as I’m listening to a mix while working out or while walking to work.  Sometimes I remember…. most of the time I don’t. 🙂

It’s July 4th this weekend.  I have no plans.  I’ve noticed that lately as the years pass, I keep doing less and less on this holiday.  For some reason I seem to get left behind and my friends all go out of town.  LOL.  I’ll be working at night on the 4th but if anyone knows of any bbq’s during the day lemme know.  I will gladly come eat your hamburgers.  😉

Oh and btw, if you didn’t listen to that Dj Fu mix, you’re missing out.  Really good stuff.

All Thieves – Stars:  Zero T Remix (track is in player)
Been meaning to post this for a while.  This remix is so sick.  Everything about it just sounds wonderful.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
SebaPlanetary Funk AlertLooking Good Records 1998

MakotoDOA/Serato Mix Series #9


01. Godfarm & ACMA – Blue Tone (Makoto remix)
02. Paul SG & Calculon – Hear Thru Me
03. Makoto & Deeizm – Stop
04. Makoto & T-ak – Climbers High
05. Random Movement – Hotter Measures
06. Vice Versa – Spacebridge
07. Quantrek – Love Affair
08. Heavy 1 – You’ll Be Over
09. Marky, Makoto & Sonic – Holy Tuesday
10. Makoto – Untitled (unreleased)
11. Makoto – Spnin’ (unreleased)
12. Akira – Steppin Stone (unreleased)
13. Flaco & Glen – Crescent
14. Naibu & Ena – Memories Of Rain

Service Industry Kiki

One thing I love about the service industry is the difference in start times.  It’s nice to not always have to be at work at 8 or 9am.  Today I don’t have to work til 12 so I’m enjoying the morning to do odds and ends.

I guess I’m out of the loop as far as  Dj Fu is concerned, so since everyone else seems to have this mix on their blog, I too will follow suit. 🙂

Dj FuSummer Mix 2010


Ever So Slightly – Lenzman – Integral
>>Its On The Way – Dkay – Soul:r
Mystic Relaxation – System – ????
Enigma – Break – Dominion
Tea Leaf Dancers (D&B RMX) – Flying Lotus
Buck Town – Andy Skopes – Jerona Fruits
Waterlogged – Random Movement – Innerground
>>Twilights Last Gleaming – High Contrast
Kiss – Original Sin – True Playaz
Reflection – Ram Trilogy – Ram Records
Sincere (D&B RMX) – MJ Cole –
>>The Water Carrier – Calibre – Signature
Sabina – Random Movement – Innerground
>>Memory Jog – Mistical – Soul:r
Bittersweet feat. Riya – Lenzman – Shogun Audio
Back Yard Dub – SPY – Liquid V
Supergrass – Carltio & Addiction – Defunked
Stay Away feat. Dianne Charlemagne – Mistical
>>Lunar Bass – Origin Unknown – Ram Records
Bionic Fingers – Nymfo – Commercial Suicide
You Bring Me – The Invaderz – Soul:r
Bear Trap – Lenzman – Deep Kut
Obstacles feat MSdos – Clart – All Sorts
With You – Electrosoul System – Innerground
Day Light – DBridge & Fierce – Exit
Thermostat – WIll Miles – Dub
Patience – DBridge & Jubei – Metalheadz
>>Poseidon – Spectrasoul – DSM
Anyone, Anywhere – Dkay & Lee – Advanced Recordings
Shin Kan Sen – Artificial Intelligence – Widescreen
True Romance – DBridge & Vegas – Metalheadz