Rusko = Party

Woh.  Me and Daniela decided to go see Rusko last night and the man does not disappoint.  Once again I guess Smart Bar was the place to be.  When did thursday nights at Smart Bar become the hot spot?  I usually despise going to that dungeon but the past 2 thursdays there have been pretty spot on, packed, people dancing, awesome music.  I had a really good time.

Going to Philly for the weekend.  Woot.

Dj Roots feat. The Ego & Ill-eshaUniverse (track is in  Dj Roots player)

Today’s Oldie:
Random MovementStars In The DarkBassbin Recordings 2005
There’s not much to say.  I love RM.  We all know that.  This was my first record of his.  Love it.

BalistikLive Mix On DnB Radio 04/02/09
no tracklist