Wireless Adapter Kiki

So there’s something wrong with the wireless adapter in my laptop.Β  Boo.Β  I am now using my old laptop which is a) the oldest laptop in the world and b) the slowest laptop in the world.Β  This post will not be that long because I have to write as little as possible so that I don’t throw this brick of an ancient computer at the wall. 😦


Today’s Oldie:
Dj SuvOutputFull Cycle Recordings 1997

Some heavy bizness for all you Noisia lovers out there. πŸ™‚
NoisiaEssential Mix March 2010


01. Noisia β€” Essential Mix Intro
02. Noisia β€” Machine Gun (Amon Tobin Remix)
03. Noisia β€” Machine Gun
04. Noisia β€” Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix)
05. Phace β€” Absurd
06. Noisia β€” End Of The River
07. Rockwell & Zero T β€” Bone Structure
08. Noisia & Joe Seven β€” Hand Gestures
09. Noisia β€” Thursday
10. Noisia – Deception β€” Essential Mix Edit
11. Foreign Beggars & Noisia β€” Contact (Noisia Remix)
12. The Upbeats β€” Tor
13. Noisia β€” Leakage
14. Amon Tobin β€” Kitchen Sink (Noisia Remix)
15. Icicle β€” Anything
16. Spor β€” Pacifica
17. Stephan Bodzin β€” Luka Leon
18. Noisia β€” Alpha Centauri
19. Wolfgang Gartner β€” Firepower
20. Subfocus & Culture Shock β€” Move Higher
21. Justice β€” Newjack (Noisia Essential Mix Edit)
22. Tipper β€” Cycles Within Cycles Within
23. Dorian Concept β€” The F’ing Formula
24. Missy Elliott Missy Elliott β€” Work It
25. Bullion β€” Get Familiar
26. Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye β€” T Plays It Cool
27. The Bar-Kays β€” Holy Ghost
28. Noisia β€” Diplodocus
29. Phace β€” Vintage
30. The Upbeats & Teknik β€” Untitled
31. Noisia & Phace β€” Floating Zero
32. Rockwell β€” Full Circle
33. Alix Perez β€” The Observer
34. Teebee β€” Bioform
35. Abstract Elements β€” Wrong Way
36. Noisia & Joe Seven β€” Ease Forward
37. Noisia & Spor β€” Falling Through
38. Noisia β€” Silicon
39. Noisia & Phace β€” Mpd
40. Noisia & The Upbeats β€” Creep Out
41. Noisia & Foreign Beggars β€” Soul Purge
42. Noisia β€” Head Knot
43. Amon Tobin β€” El Cargo
44. Noisia β€” Whiskers
45. Daft Punk Daft Punk β€” Aerodynamic
46. Noisia β€” Peacock Strut
47. Noisia & Subfocus β€” Three And A Half
48. Mr. Oizo Mr. Oizo β€” Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog
49. Noisia β€” Red Heat
50. Daft Punk Daft Punk β€” Oh Yeah
51. Radiohead Radiohead β€” Idiotheque
52. Consequence β€” Feeling Like We Do
53. Misanthrop β€” Shadow
54. The Prodigy The Prodigy β€” Omen (Noisia Remix)
55. Dom & Noisia β€” Taijitsu
56. Noisia Ft. Giovanca β€” My World
57. Spor β€” Aztec (Noisia Essential Mix Edit)
58. Noisia & Foreign Beggars β€” Shellshock
59. Noisia β€” Stigma (Noisia Essential Mix Edit)
60. Noisia & Amon Tobin β€” Sunhammer
61. Noisia β€” Square Feet
62. Opgezwolle β€” Dipsaus
63. Noisia β€” Split The Atom
64. Foreign Beggars β€” Safedrian