If I wrote a proper post about Murderapolis (a rave in Minneapolis in ’96), this post would be long as hell.  The Formation tour came through Minneapolis and it was amazing.

It’s a holiday today and I’m putzing around my place, pretending to clean.  I’ve got Itunes on shuffle and Trace’s Mutant Revisited just came on.  DJSS opened his set with it at Murderapolis.

Definitely put a big smile on my face this a.m. 🙂

Kiki The Loafer

This week has gone by pretty fast and I’ve done absolutely nothing profound to speak of within the past 4 days. I honestly don’t think I’m to blame though. The weather has been grey, cold, rainy and crap and that doesn’t usually incite people to be productive.

Total Science – Soul PatrolLenzman Remix (track is in  the Total Science player)
I don’t know why it has taken me so long to post this because I’ve liked it for a while.  Good remix.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Trace + OpticalSpherePrototype Recordings 1998
This record brings back bad memories. I remember I bought it back then and then absent mindedly left my bag of goodies on the bus and the bus company said they didnt find it even though I know they did… What were you going to do with my dnb records sir?? LOL. Anyways I had to buy it again. Sick track.

I actually downloaded this mix from my buddy Doddi’s blog at the beginning of this month and have been listening to it on the regular. Really nice mix and tracks. I guess I just forgot to post it. Enjoy.

Dj Rene – Difficult Times


01. Tiki – Always on my Mind (Zero T & Mosus Remix) / Liquid V
02. Physics – Dreamworld (D-Bridge Remix) / Blindside
03. Amaning – Jupiter Rising / BS1
04. Zero T. feat. Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix) / Integral
05. Lenzman – Mesmerized / SGN:LDT
06. Dan Marshall – Crazy / Bios
07. Soulmatic – Self Belief / Good Looking
08. BMK, Coda & Krooked – Hush / Bios
09. Heist – Warmer Days / Integral
10. Lenzman – String City / Fokuz
11. Lenzman – Ever So Slightly / Integral
12. Zero T. feat Steo – TOO MUCH / Integral
13. Seba – As long as it Takes / Secret Operation
14. Eveson – Be with You / SGN:LDT

Kiki Gummidge

I’m feeling awfully scatterbrained this morning and for some reason the word scatterbrained brings Worzel Gummidge to mind… Don’t ask me why, it just does.

It’s the weekend. Another day of being busy at work. I’m listening to Spinn but too busy to actually talk in the chat room. Boo.

I can’t find my list of tracks that I was gonna talk about which is weird because it’s always next to my computer which also probably means I probably accidentally threw it away yesterday. See what I mean, scatterbrained.

Today’s Oldie: Dj TraceMutant Revisited – Emotif Records 1996 Woh! This track is so sick. I used to be part of a dj crew in Minneapolis called JVC. Minneapolis is mostly a techno and house city but for a little while in the late 90’s JVC helped bring jungle/drum n bass to the peeps. It was a pretty cool time. We had this ridiculously amazing rave called Murderapolis. The whole Formation crew was on tour and they headlined the rave. It was so fucking fun. Seriously. To have all those people show up for a dnb rave and have it be such a success was really great. Dj SS opened up his set with this track and seriously everyone just lost their minds. Big up Trace. Good times.

Hopefully my awesome oldie makes up for me not having any tracks to talk about.

Have a good weekend.


Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show @ Bassdrive 10/21/08


1. Tokyo Prose – Echoes [RED SEAL]
02. Data – Muted [METALHEADZ]
03. Commix – Life We Live [SOUL:R]
04. SP:MC – ??? [???]
05. Lenzman Feat Jo-S – Emeralds [SGN:LTD]
06. Spinline – Cold Feet [S.O.M. MUSIC]
07. Soul Intent – Stone Cold Killer [N/A]
09. Sabre – Try Ya Luck [SHOGUN AUDIO]
10. Spectrum – Hotsteppa (Bulletproof Remix) [N/A]
11. Physics – UFO’S [N/A]
12. Calibre – Lazyrock [SIGNATURE – SHELFLIFE PART 2]
13. Lenzman, Redeyes And Lynx – Thief’s At The Night [N/A]
14. Tokyo Prose – Royale [???]
15. Code 3 – Delta [SHOGUN AUDIO]
16. Hobzee And Zyon Base – A Knife In Water [N/A]
17. Commix – Bear Music [HOSPITAL]
18. Luca – Screen In Motion [???]
19. D Bridge And Instra:mental – Translucent [DARKESTRAL]
20. MJ Cole – Sincere Bootleg [???]
21. Lomax – Resist [SOUL:R]
22. Commix, Nutone & Logistics – Coffee [HOSPITAL]
23. Calibre – Oh Please [SIGNATURE]
24. Nu:Logic – Tradmark [HOSPITAL]
25. Calibre – U Could Dance [SIGNATURE]
26. Mosus & Zero Tolerence – Monarch [SOUL:R]
27. Lynx – Shady Liaisons [SOUL:R]
28. Calibre – Trying To Remember [SIGNATURE]
29. Eveson – Crying Version [???]
30. Tokyo Prose – Apogee [???]
31. Commix – Underwater Scene [SOUL:R]