I listened to this mix at work yesterday.  I had a mini Martyn mix session last weekend.  “Nxt 2 U” is still one of my all time faves, so I’m totes here for anyone who chooses to throw it into their mix. 😍😍😍


Computer Fail Kiki

Ugg.  My computer isn’t working again.  It’s an old laptop so I really can’t complain.  It’s just annoying that’s all.  I really need a new one.  The second I get some money that will be the first thing I buy.  Alas I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post everyday if it doesn’t get sorted.

Apart from the computer business I actually had a pretty lovely weekend.  Good friends, good times. 🙂

JayBee & FlacoCorridor (track is in Jaybee player)

Today’s Oldie
Dj DieNastyFull Cycle Recordings 1995

FDFabricLive Promo Mix April 2010


Scuba – Latch – Hotflush
Ramadanman – I Beg You – Hessle Audio
Sigha – Early Morning Lights (Marcel Dettmann Remix) – Our Circula Sound
Pangaea – Coiled – Hessle Audio
Kyle Hall – You Know What I Feel – Hyperdub
Black Pocket – You’re A Sta (Martyn Remix) – Fat City
Instra:mental – Futurist – Naked Lunch
Shed – Intro (Paul Stretch’s Edit) – Ostgut Ton
Sigha – Light Swells – Hotflush
DB1 – Vanguard – Dub
Halogenix – Rock-a-By – Dub
Ulterior Motive – Yogurt Brainwave – Subtitles
Seiji – Storm Report – Reinforced
Zero T & FD – After All – Subtitles
Hybris – The Cleaner – Critical
Paradox – Esoteric Funk – Reinforced
Jubei feat. dBridge – Patience – Metalheadz
Blocks & Escher – Shadowplay – Digital Soundboy
Rockwell – Full Circle – Shogun Audio
Ulterior Motive – Well of Envy – Dub
Martyn – Get Down – Soul:R
Total Science, SPY & DJ Lee – Useless – Atlas
FD & Script – White Horse – CIA Deepkut

Insomnia & Kiki

Insomnia is back.  I’m not surprised.  I’m pretty stressed these days so of course I can’t sleep. *shrugs*

Utah Jazz – Quincy (track is in player)
Going to hip hop shows has ruined the novelty of hearing The Pharcyde’s Passin Me By as it is usually a classic mixing track in people’s sets but I actually like this sampling in the Utah Jazz track.  It’s pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastMusic Is EverythingHospital Records 2002

FDCritical Podcast #7


Sam KDC – Chains – Dub
Code 3 – Response Call – Exit
Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy of Reason – Dub
Total Science – Concrete Proof – Dub
Fracture & Neptune – Dustball – Astrophonica Dub
FD – Third Glance – Critical Dub
Ulterior Motive & FD – All That We Are – Metalheadz Dub
dBridge – Kismet – Shogun Audio
Photek – Knitevision – Photek Productions
System – Time Target – Dub
Jonny L – Uneasy – XL
FD, Hydro & Keza – Remorse – Critical
Consequence ft. dBridge – Life Is Timing – Exit
Shed – Ostrich-Mountain-Square – Ostgut Ton
L-OW – Inspect (Sigha Remix) – Dub
Headhunter – Paradigm Shift – Tempa
Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bitersweet Mix) – Curle Recordings
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me – Hessle Audio

Motown Kiki

This gorgeous weather is great motivation.  I’ve already done numerous things this a.m., which is quite productive for me.  I know I wake up super early but that doesn’t usually mean I do anything.  LOL.  I usually just lay around and stare at the ceiling thinking about what activities I can do to fill up my day.

Tonight I’ll be going to The Burlington for Flosstradamus’s oldie night.  It’s pretty fun to just have a drink and listen to some Motown music.  I like that night alot.

I need to go get my bike tuned up so I can start riding it again now that it’s nice out. I love riding around the city in nice weather. 🙂

Keza, FD, HydroCanopy (track is in Keza and FD players)

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LSymbiosisXL Recordings

Dj AbrahamLAOS Mixtape


01 Q-Project – Milk & Honey
02 Danny Byrd – Sweet harmony
03 Dharma Intent – You can see it
04 Dc Breaks – Fever (feat Cat Knight)
05 Basement Jaxx – Twerk (Sub Focus rmx)
06 L.A.O.S. – So good (dubplate)
07 Smooth – Under the moon
08 London Electricity – The Great dnb swindle ( Logistics rmx)
09 Absolute zero & Subphonics – The Code (SKC rmx)
10 Dc Breaks – Mankind (2010vip )
11 Netsky – Hold on to love (Cyantific rmx)
12 Drumsound & Bassline Smith – (Mafia VIP)
13 Culture Shock – Imax
14 L.A.O.S. – Fire on water
15 Netsky – I Refuse (Shockone rmx )
16 Original Sin – Your love(feat Fexie Muiso)
17 L.A.O.S. – Blueprint of the universe
18 Camo & Krooked – Looking Back
19 L.A.O.S. – Hush now20 Helium – Engage
21 Rox – No going back(Dc Breaks rmx)
22 Platinum – Trippin (Nero rmx)
23 Camo & Krooked – Just hold on
24 L.A.O.S. feat Riggz – Zeros & Ones
25 Dkay & Lee & Waxd Vip
26 Phace & Misanthrop – Non Human
27 U.N.K.L.E. – Reign (L.A.O.S bootleg)