It was my bday on Saturday. I have a pretty decent sized patio at my house and it’s come in pretty handy during quarantine as I’ve been able to have socially distanced hangs with a few friends. I had 3 friends over and we just sat outside and enjoyed numerious bottles of champagne and rosé and bougie snacks. I quite enjoyed the day! 🥰

It’s a holiday today. I’m just putt putting around getting house shit done and enjoying this Hybrid Minds Essential Mix.

Hope you all are having a fab day.


Tracklist Hybrid Minds – Don’t Ever ft. DRS
Monrroe – Never Too Old ft. Emily Makis
Hybrid Minds – Supernova ft. Catching Cairo
Ownglow – Back To You
Jome – Cinnamon (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Cyantific – Bloodline (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Hybrid Minds – Kismet ft. Riya
Hybrid Minds – Brighter Days ft. Charlotte Haining
Etherwood – Away From It All
Hybrid Minds – Solitude ft. Alexa Harley
Lost Frequencies & Netsky – Here With You VIP
Fred V – Away ft. Vonnac
Culprate – No Words (Dexcell Remix)
Tatora – Believe
Etherwood – Falling Out Of Consciousness

ft. Georgia Yates & Bev Lee Harling VIP
Fred V & Grafix – Clouds Cross Skies
Hybrid Minds – Phoenix ft. Alexa Harley
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Through The Night ft. Tom Cane
Fourward – Lose Control
Shy Fx – Bye Bye Bye (S.P.Y Remix)
Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be ft. Grimm
Total Science – Lightweight Remix
BCee & Blu Mar Ten – Grow ft. Charlotte Haining (Kove Remix)
Delta Heavy – White Flag VIP
Hybrid Minds – Inside ft. Emily Jones
Freya Ridings – Love Is Fire (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
Ghostface ft. Neyo – Back Like Dat – DJ Marky & Bungle Remix
Brookes Brothers – The Light
Eastcolours – Keys

Hybrid Minds – Summer Rain ft. Grimm
Hybrid Minds – ID
Tokyo Prose – Rescue
Whiney – Better With You ft. Alex Frankl
Hybrid Minds – ID
Moby – Porcelain (Pola & Bryson Remix)
Halogenix – Independent
Tokyo Prose – Jacknife
Mohican Sun – Darkest Hour
Chase & Status – Blind Faith ft. Liam Bailey (Loadstar Remix)
The Sauce – 100
Liam Bailey – You Saw The Devil In Me ft. DRS (Dogger & Mindstate Remix)
Marky & S.P.Y – Love Affair
Artificial Intelligence – Missing Piece
Camo & Krooked – Dissolve Me
Emperor – Saved Me
DRS & Dynamite – Fix It All ft. London Elektricity
London Grammar – If You Wait (Calibre Remix)

Jakwob – Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Jareth – Kaleidoscope (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Dawn Wall – Seeds Of Change
Wilkinson – Half Light
Friction & Bou – Seizure ft. Trigga
Delta Heavy & Zeds Dead – Lift You Up
Shy Fx – Roll The Dice ft. Stamina MC & Lily Allen (The Sauce Remix)
Daughter – Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
Hybrid Minds – Listen ft. Tiffani Juno
Workforce – Common Interests
Flume – Rushing Back (Ekko & Sidetrack Bootleg)
Enei – Icon Face
BCee – Lost & Found ft. Rocky Nti (Hybrid Minds Remix)
LSB – Missing You ft. DRS & Tyler Daley
Spectrasoul – Faithful
Hybrid Minds – Paint By Numbers ft. Charlotte Haining
Camo & Krooked – Climax
BCee & Charlotte Haining – Love For The Fallen ft. DRS
Enei – Rollin Machine

Marcus Intalex – Celestial Navigation ft. S.P.Y
Wilkinson – Afterglow
Bcee & Charlotte Haining – The Hills (Stay Here)
Hybrid Minds & Fred V – Drowning In You
Wilkinson & Dimension – Rush
Hybrid Minds – Higher Love ft. Charlotte Haining
Simula – See It Through My Eyes
Sensa & Haste – The Place
Hybrid Minds – Pretend ft. Rocky Nti
Culture Shock – There For You (LSB Remix)
Dossa & Locuzzed – Tha Bird ft. DJ Marky
Pendulum – Tarantula (Shockone x Ekko & Sidetrack Bootleg)
Birdy – Wings (Nu:Logic Remix)
Makoto & Danny Wheeler – Sunshine
Tom Walker – You & I (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Friction & JP Cooper – Dancing (Dawn Wall Remix)

Workforce – Heart Crossed
Clipz – Down 4
Dimension – UK (Skrillex Edit)
DJ Fresh – Foreigner
Action Bronson – Baby Blue (Trex Bootleg)
Ben Howard – Conrad (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
Tokyo Prose – See Through Love
Hybrid Minds – Touch ft. Tiffani Juno (Tokyo Prose 2020 Remix)
BCee, Charlotte Haining & Etherwood – Little Bit Lighter
Dexcell – Landscape
DRS & Dynamite – Playing In The Dark ft. The Vanguard Project
Hybrid Minds – In Your Arms ft. Koven
Fred V & Grafix – When You Appear

Monday Goodies

Ugh, Mondays are the worst.  

Trying to brighten it up a bit with this Hybrid Minds mix. 😎


Sigma – Lost Away feat. Shakka (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Etherwood – Spoken feat. Rocky Nti
Chase & Status – Blind Faith feat. Liam Bailey (Loadstar Remix)
Camo & Krooked – Turn Up The Music
Metrik – We Got It ft. Rothwell (S.P.Y)
Hybrid Minds – Skeletons feat. Grimm
Galimatias – Noelles Eloquence (S.I.N Remix)
High Contrast – Remind Me
Kid Drama – Luv ft. Skeptical
DRS – I Will feat. Patife & Vangeliez
Fred V & Grafix – Altitude feat. Amy J Pryce
Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be feat. Grimm (LSB Remix)
Camo & Krooked – If I Could feat. Joe Killington
Dimension – UK
Whiney – Onyx
Hybrid Minds – Phoenix feat. Alexa Harley (The Vanguard Project Remix)
Dawn Wall – Spears
Jome – Cinnamon (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Logistics – Together
S.P.Y – By Your Side (Hybrid Minds & Bcee Remix)
Pola & Bryson – Find Your Way feat. Charlotte Haining
Rainer & Grimm – Do It Right (Hybrid Minds Remix)
BCee & Hybrid Minds – Cut Me Loose feat. Rocky Nti (Muffler Remix)
AI – Nobody
Makoto & Danny Wheeler – Sunshine
Hybrid Minds – Touch feat. Tiffani Juno (Tokyo Prose Remix)
Alibi, Unreal & Dogface – Dropdead
Command Strange – Black & White ft T.R.A.C

Grass Clippings Kiki

My current life back in the US seems to entail me doing numerous things I don’t feel like doing. Unpacking my stuff from Japan… nope.  Going to the DMV… nope.  Going through my entire life’s belongings that I moved from Chicago to my Mum’s house, before I left to go to Indonesia 3 years ago… nope.  Mowing the lawn… nope.  

You get the gist.  

I did mow the lawn though, and Hybrid Minds made me hate the whole grass clippings process a little less. 💕💕💕


Artificial Intelligence – Shrine
Hybrid Minds – Music Talks
BCee – Come & Join Us (Klute Remix)
Emperor – Haste
Q Project – Champion Sound (DLR Remix)
Logistics – No Hurry Time
Lenzman – Every So Slightly
Mediks – By A Thread (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Jakwob – Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Karma – Proposal
Pola & Bryson – A Good Thing
Sub Focus – Airplane
Technimatic – Transference
Logistics – Take Me To Another World
Calibre – Under Bars
High Contrast – Remind Me
T.E.E.D – Garden (Calibre Remix)
Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – Maiden
Emperor – Foxholes
Villem, Linden,Mako & Fields – Saturate
Netsky – Memory Lane
Hybrid Minds – Lifted
Hybrid Minds – Reincarnation
Hybrid Minds – Touch

Exam Inferno

I just have to make it through this week of grading exams and then it’ll be just me sitting in a hot ass office for the 4 weeks until I leave.  I don’t have any nenkyu left so there’s no last minute summer holiday and I’m okay with that.   The remaining days I had left, I’m using to come home a little bit earlier.  

I think i’m going to have to make friends with some of the teachers in the air conditioned offices.  “I know it’s been 2 years and I haven’t spoken a word to you, but can I sit in here and watch Netflix so I don’t  collapse from the heat?”  😛

My supervisor was laughing at me yesterday because my fan is pretty much touching my face.  It’s hot af in my office.

I have 200 exams to grade today, so I’m making an epic playlist to zone out to.  It’s the first years, so there’s no essay, and they will be easy to grade, but I might die from the repetition.



Is it normal that I like all my activities to have soundtracks?  LOL.  Yesterday’s laundry, cleaning and cooking adventures were scored by the one and only Hybrid Minds.  Dude, this mix is dope.  Listen to it. 

I’ve seen a lot of vines where people show what it’s like cleaning and doing your chores without music and what it’s like with music and that was totally me yesterday. 🙂



Hybrid Minds – Our Turn Feat Charlie P
Hybrid Minds – Kismet Feat Riya
Dabs – Objection VIP
Ad-Apt – Broken Bones (BCee & Bladerunner Remix)
Nu:Tone – Balaclava
London Grammar – Sights (Monroe Bootleg) **** ❤ ❤ ❤
Anile – Custom Dancer
Cursa – Down
Audio & Mindscape – Jarhead
Mefjus – Suicide Bass
Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Marka
Hybrid Minds – Drama Feat Laurence Baker & MC Tempza (Neonlight Remix)
Netsky – Starlight
Eveson – Time Flows
Zoe Phillips – Road Signs (Hugh Hardie Remix)
Alix Perez Feat Spectrasoul – Forsaken (Calibre Remix)
Spectrasoul – Light In The Dark (Etherwood Remix)
Calibre – Even If
Marky & S.P.Y – Love Affair
Break – All That’s Left
Ben Howard – Conrad (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
Xtrah & DLR – Direct Approach
Bachelors Of Science – Song For Lovers
S.P.Y & BCee – Stardust
BCee & LSB Feat Rocky NTI – River Runs Dry
Daughter – Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
Keeno – As One Feat Pat Fulgoni
Tokyo Prose – Sunsets Feat LSB & DRS
Scott Allen – Waiting For
Tokyo Prose – Waiting On Feat Riya
Intelligent Manners – Best Place Ever
Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood
Hybrid Minds – Lifted


How rude of me, yesterday was my blog’s birthday and I forgot to post!  6 years!  I may not post often but I’m still around, still love dnb and still spend my days scouring the internets for mixes. 🙂




RUFUS – Desert Night (Hybrid Minds Remix)
S.P.Y – Jelly Belly
Hybrid Minds – Trauma (Lenzman Remix)
Mako, DLR & Fields – Old Soul
Hybrid Minds – Starlet
Hybrid Minds – Starlet (Phil Tangent Remix)
Calibre – Miraculous
Netsky – Let’s Leave Tomorrow
Hybrid Minds – Music Talks
Calibre – Fear Of Letting Go Feat Ft DRS
Hybrid Minds – Felicity
Sabre – These Simple Things
Cursa – Down
DLR – Bridge The Gap
Anile & Hybrid Minds – Hitch Hiker
Hybrid Minds – Ascent Feat Linguistics & Charlie P (AMC Remix)
Sigma – All Because Of You
BCee – Lost & Found (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Alix Perez – Contradictions
Fred V & Grafix – Clouds Cross Skies
Kove – Searching

Hybrid Minds

When I heard Hybrid Minds “Youth” bootleg I immediately fell in love with them.  So dope.  I love this mix of theirs cuz I’ll be honest, sometimes I’m not just trying to listen to a mix of all the newest shit.  I was just telling my friend Daniela yesterday that I am totally an old lady when it comes to my dnb, I don’t mind seeking out new stuff and checking out all the latest tunes but even when I’m mixing, I love to bring in all my old faves to round out the mix.  There are just soooo many classic tunes that add so much goodness to a mix.  Sometimes I find it boring just to play all new tunes just cuz their the newest. *shrugs*

Daughter – Youth – Hybrid Minds Bootleg

Hybrid Minds – Pack London Exclusive Mix For Ram October 2013


Hybrid Minds – Prophecy ft. Ad-Apt & Mike Romeo
LSB – If You’re Here
Commix – Be True
Enei – Cracker V.I.P
Hybrid Minds – Trauma ft. Rocky Nti
Spectrasoul – Sometimes We Lie (DLR Remix)
Total Science – See Your Face ft. Riya
Alix Perez – Melanie
Hybrid Minds – Halcyon ft. Grimm
Optiv & BTK – Inception (Maztek Remix)
Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be
High Contrast – Global Love (Calibre Remix) ❤
Hybrid Minds – Summer Rain
Spectrasoul – Bugsy
Chase & Status – Streetlife
Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem – Celestine
Alix Perez – Contradictions
Breach – Jack (Calibre Remix)
AMC & DBR – Accolade (Phantom Force Remix)
Chase & Status – Take Me Away