Full House Kiki

It’s impossible for me to even utter the words Full House without thinking of this terrible show.  It’s amazing that it was as popular as it was because they weren’t even able to pull the wool over my eyes as a youngun, I always knew it was rubbish.  LOL.

Thanksgiving at my mum’s is just usually the two of us.  It’s nice.  We kick it, eat a ton and then go visit other people.  This year we went from the expected 2 person dinner to 11 people in a matter of seconds.  LOL.  Dang, now I’m going to have to fight people for the pie and ice cream.  Hey the more the merrier right?

I remember when we first moved to America, Thanksgiving was so weird for us.  It’s strange to spend numerous years of your life not celebrating something and then it becomes a regular part of your routine.  Now I love Thanksgiving.  I love hanging out with my family and I love eating all the food.  Big up Turkey Day.

Recriminate – The Heavy (track is in player)

Lenzman – More Than I Can Take (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie
Nasty HabitsShadowboxing Remix31 Records 1997

NetskyWinter Mini Mix Nov 2009
Already listened to this one.  Nice little treat. 🙂

01. Netsky – Make a choice Netsky – Make a choice
02. Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky remix) Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky remix)
03. Netsky – I refuse Netsky – I refuse
04. Netsky – Prisma Netsky – Prisma
05. Netsky – Everyday Netsky – Everyday
06. Netsky – Starlight Netsky – Starlight
07. Netsky & Crystal Clear – King of the stars Netsky & Crystal Clear – King of the stars
08. Netsky – Tomorrows another day (vip mix) Netsky – Tomorrows another day (vip mix)
09. Netsky – Smile Netsky – Smile
10. Netsky – Come back home Netsky – Come back home
11. Netsky – Memory lane Netsky – Memory lane

Just Do It

Do what you ask? Do your fucking work. LOL. I’ve been procrastinating like nobody’s business.

I need to buckle down. Geez.

This one is dope.

Command Strange – Touch The Sky (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:

Digital Spacefunk 2000 (Nasty Habits Remix)Timeless Recordings 2000 Don’t have anything profound to write about this track, it’s just a good oldie. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

I really have to get back to work. Yay tomorrow’s friday.

Toodloo for now.

These Sonorous Podcasts are amazing. I already listened to this one and it’s great.

HayzeSonorous Podcast 10/27/08



Data – Muted

Loxy – Ancients

Sinistarr – Your Thoughts Exactly

Commix – Bear Music

Naibu – Here Now

Furney & Tayla – You Must Stand Still

Lynx & Aaron Jay – The Mule

ST Files – Eight Six

Bal – Eight & A Half

Calibre – Oh Please

Random Movement – Reasoning With The Weeds

NuTone & Logistics – Trademark

Survival – Headwaters

Marcus Intalex – Astro Dance

Eveson – Crying

Zero Tolerance & Calibre – Diamonds & Pearls

Bal – The Mysterian

Random Movement – A Quick Thought

Luca – Eastern Highway