Too Gangsta

Started my morining run completely wildin’ out.  I definitely remember going nuts to this at raves.  That long ass intro and those drums.  Yasss!

BCee Promo Mix

Man, I used to stan so hard for BCee and Spearhead.  I’m sure they still do a ton of stuff but since I’m rubbish at keeping up with the ins and outs of the dnb industry, I really have no clue what they’ve been up to.  I’m happy to see this mix.

Here’s a good old Spearhead flashback.  Not really a big Netsky fan but I’ve always liked this tune.


Currently listening to this gem as I try my best to avoid the urge to nap on the couch in my office.  No classes to teach til April when the new school year starts.  Must be productive!

I actually have a schedule that I made for myself today so I think there’s hope for me yet.  :)


Memory Lane

I have no shame.  I totally walk and dance in the street, all the time.  There are many times that I’m listening to a mix and feel like I just “have to” (dramatic much?) bust a move.  The people of Togane already think I’m weird so I figure I might as well just go full throttle. :P

I was dancing to Origin Unknown’s “31 seconds” also known as “Long Dark Tunnel” but officially known as “Valley of the Shadows” the other day and was thinking fondly of my first record purchases.

My first foray into buying records I bought 3 tracks.  “Valley of the Shadows” (a used copy that I was shocked and appalled that somebody was getting rid of.  I was late to the party and didn’t start buying records til ’97, so I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to own it, so thank you whoever you are that let it go.)  Roni Size’s “It’s Jazzy,” and Conquering Lion’s “Code Red.”  I matched beats (badly) with those 3 records for ages until I could scrounge up enough money to go back to the record store and buy more.

I decided to have a little nostalgia party with these three tunes the other day.  Good memories.



The Kanji Sessions

I’m sitting here practicing my Kanji.  Not like the whole Japanese language, more like just my bloody address.  I had to get Kate to come to the post office with me just so I could send some money home because the form requires that I write my address in Kanji in one of the spaces.  Kate is nice and does these things willingly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she just wilded out and was like “No bitch!”  LOL.

Anyway, it’s actually coming along nicely.  There’s one character that looks extra janky but this S.P.Y. mix is giving me the motivation to keep doing it over and over, and over, and over again, until it looks like it’s supposed to.

Bee tee dubs, this mix is not new.  I know you’re not surprised.  The homie Seb has been telling me to listen to it for ages and I only got round to doing it now and it didn’t disappoint.  I had kinda gone off S.P.Y. for a bit but this mix is def. the S.P.Y. that I like. :)

01 // S.P.Y – By Your Side [Spearhead Records]
02 // Nu:Logic – Everlasting Days [Hospital Records]
03 // Calibre – Second Sun [Signature Records]
04 // S.P.Y – Seconds to Midnight [Hospital Records]
05 // Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (S.P.Y Remix) [Hospital Records]
06 // S.P.Y – Cold Harsh Air (feat. Total Science & Grimm) [Hospital Records]
07 // S.P.Y – One Last Quest [Hospital Records]
08 // S.P.Y – Gangsta V.I.P (feat. Total Science) [Shogun Audio]
09 // Delilah – Go (S.P.Y Remix) [UKF]
10 // S.P.Y – Surface (feat. Kasra) (VIP II Remix) [Critical]
11 // Logistics – Colour Wheel [Hospital Records]
12 // Matrix & Fierce – Climate (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Metro]
13 // Ulterior Motive – Sideways [Metalheadz]
14 // Quadrant – Scandal [Computer Integrated Audio]
15 // Eastcolors – Dreams (feat. Messy MC) [White Label]
16 // S.P.Y – Whoonga (feat. Total Science) (Chroma Remix) [White Label]
17 // S.P.Y – Stand Alone (feat. DRS) [Hospital Records]
18 // Dub Phizix – Bounce [SenkaSonic]
19 // Clarity of Lies – Hell’s Gate (feat. T Man) [Samurai Music]
20 // Bredren – Mechanica [Demand Records]
21 // S.P.Y – Step & Flow [Hospital Records]
22 // S.P.Y – BRSTL Hardcore [White Label]
23 // DJ Hazard – Time Tripping [Playaz]
24 // Little Dragon – Underbart (S.P.Y Remix) [White Label]
25 // Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture Remix) [Phantom Audio]
26 // S.P.Y – Rise Again (feat. Suku) [Hospital Records]
27 // Digital – Deadline (S.P.Y VIP) [White Label]
28 // S.P.Y – Hammer In My Heart (feat. Diane Charlemagne) [Hospital Records]
29 // S.P.Y – Manicured Reality (feat. Lowqui) [Hospital Records]
30 // Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants (S.P.Y remix) [White Label]
31 // S.P.Y – Mystic Sunset (feat. Marky) (S.P.Y VIP) [White Label]
32 // S.P.Y – Warrior Dub [White Label]
33 // S.P.Y – Brooklyn Dub [Hospital Records]
34 // A-Sides – Moment In Time (feat. MC Fats) (S.P.Y Remix) [U Understand Me Music]
35 // S.P.Y – Riding the Void [Hospital]
36 // Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix) [Virus Recordings]
37 // Future Cut – 20/20 (Future Cut VIP) [White Label]
38 // Dimitri Vegas – Body Talk (S.P.Y Remix) [3Beat]
39 // Hazard – Bricks Dont Roll [Playaz]
40 // Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Upbeats Remix) [Drum&BassArena]
41 // Noisia – Stamp Out [Vision Recordings]
42 // Technimatic – Intersection [SGN:LTD]
43 // dBridge – True Romance (VIP Remix) [Metalheadz Platinum]
44 // Dr Meaker – Fighter (Unreal VIP Remix) [V Recordings]
45 // Enei – Get Low [Critical Music]
46 // Icicle – Dreadnaught (feat. SP:MC) [Shogun Audio]
47 // Voltage – Out of this World (feat. Ella Sopp) [Smokin Riddims]
48 // A Break in the Storm – Temptations [Symmetry]
49 // S.P.Y – Mucky Business [Hospital Records]
50 // S.P.Y – Legion (feat. Total Science) [Metalheadz]
51 // Dom & Roland – Outta Endz (VIP) [Metalheadz]


SirReal – So Addicted

DnB is my biggest companion when grading papers.  I just zone out and correct away. :)


Nu:Tone – Tides feat LeaLea
Spectrasoul – Alibi (Break remix)
Phil Tangent – Bedouin feat Steo
Lenzman – Collapse
Technimatic – Lost Along the Way feat D.Ablo
Nu:Tone – Change
Spectrasoul – Too Much Bootleg
Logistics – Sparks
Artificial Intelligence – Forgotten Truths feat Steo
Ulterior Motive – Sideways
Logistics – Seasons feat Lifford
Seba – Lose Control
Alix Perez – Forsaken (Calibre remix)
Phil Tangent – Pale into Significance
Hybrid Minds – Trauma (Lenzman remix)
Actraiser – Time Stands Still
Adam F – Circles (Velocity bootleg) – This bootleg tho… <3 <3 <3
Total Science – So Addicted feat Grimm – <3 <3 <3
Phil Tangent – Rinjani
Bondax – Gold (Technimatic remix)

R&B + DnB = <3

I’m forever making dnb remixes of r&b tracks in my head.

I’m having an r&b morning as I clean and I just felt like having a The Weeknd appreciation moment.  My r&b morning playlist has in actuality just consisted of me listening to The Weeknd songs on repeat.  I forgot how much I love love love “High For This.”  I know it’s old but when has that ever stopped me?  Everyone knows that I stay listening to the oldest songs ever like they came out yesterday. :)


And just for good measure lets have a flashback moment to remind oursleves how awesome this Qumulus rework was. <3




DnB in Tokyo

I don’t feel like an old lady and I also don’t have issues with aging but it is quite interesting to think about my greatest dnb memories and realise that some of them happened like 20 odd years ago.

I do entertain the idea of venturing to Tokyo to go and bob my head to some of the dnb nights there, but as I was saying to my buddy Submorphics yesterday, I kinda have just reached the point where I would like to do that with just my friends.  I really don’t have the desire anymore to make new friends and go rave with them. I want to rave with the ones I already have.  Does that make me a horrible person?  LOL.

I’m sitting here grading really bad grammar and listening to a dope Eastside Sessions.  Japanese students aren’t really taught to express their feelings that much during classes, especially in their writing.  A lot of their curriculum caters to the tests they will need to take to get into university.  Kate and I try to incorporate this in our lessons a lot.  We have seen amazing results and I get so excited about it, but the beginning stages of laying the groundwork are brutal.

Bad grammar is funny for like the first hour and then afterwards you just want to throw the papers across the room.  I do know that it’s worth it though.  I’ve seen the results.  Our seniors wrote these amazing heartfelt essays about how they felt about embarking on the next chapter of their lives and I was so proud.  We asked them not to use their electronic dictionaries, and if you teach Japanese students, you know what a big deal this is.  Nobody did.  It was lovely.  I definitely got all emo as I was reading them.

So back to my current situation.  We had the first years write a 10 entry winter journal over winter break.  It’s one of the first assignments on this journey to free-writing and it’s ridden with horrible sentences filled with dictionary words that I know the kids don’t understand.  I’m spending most of my time trying to decipher what the hell they are talking about and it’s doing my head in.

Fortunately this Eastside Sessions is helping keep me sane.  I wish I knew that A-Sides was in Tokyo cuz that’s a friend I definitely would risk being tired the next day while teaching class and trek out to see.  :) I’m sure it was a good night too!  I didn’t make a big announcement when I moved to Japan so a lot of people think I’m still in Chicago.  Oh well, I told him he def has to let me know next time!  In the mean time I hope you enjoy this 2 hour sesh as much as I did.

The Eastside Sessions Live From Tokyo With Special Guest Mix From Makoto by A Sides on Mixcloud


Lazy Teacher

Stunna keeping me company as I hurriedly make a vocabulary sheet for this mornings class since I really couldn’t be arsed to make it last night. #irresponsible

13. HEAVY1 featuring P-FINE – MELEE
16. STUNNA – OPTIMA <3 <3 <3