Dj Marky – Marky’s Podcast #51

13 Apr

 LK forever ignited my desire to hear drum n bass that brings the summer vibes.

I heart drum n bass in the summer time so much.  I love the idea of sunshine, pretty harmonies and melodic beats and me pretending I’m laying by the beach with my headphones on drinking multicoloured cocktails with umbrellas in them… I’m always talking about multicoloured cocktails with umbrellas in them and in actuality I think I’ve had like 5 total in my 37 years.  LOL.  Note to self:  1.  Spend more time at the beach  2.  Drink more multicoloured cocktails. ;)

I know Marky’s podcast #52 is already posted but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet and I really enjoyed listening to #51 so I’m happy just sharing that one with you for now.

Dj Marky & XRS – LK (Carolina Carol Bela)

Nothing against Stamina MC but I prefer the instrumental.  I find it easier to get lost in LaLa Land without the vocals.





1- Calibre – Up In Smoke
2- Flowrian – Imagine No Longer
3- Tyke – Losing You Feat. Prestige
4- Blade – T.H.U.G.
5- FD – Change Please
6- Pulsaar – Lady With The Red Dress
7- TEED – Household Goods [Enei Remix]
8- Tyke – You Don’t Have To Go
9- Fourward – Wise Guys
10- Dub Phizix – 8 Gold Rings
11- Digital – Lemon
12- Enei & Kasra – Breath
13- 2N- Psychopath
14- Roni Size & DJ Die – Music Box [The Invaderz Relick]
15- Paul SG – Trevor’s World
16- DJ Marky – See Her
17- Command Strange & Dynamic – Soul Travel
18- Urbandawn – Words To Say
19- Lenzman Feat. Martyna Baker – Paper Faces
20- Random Movement – Change For The Train Home
21- Simplification & Translate – Space Love

Calibre – Shelflife 3

1 Apr

Digging these the most  <3




Random Movement – Aerosoul Artist Soulcast – March 2014

26 Mar



RoyGreen & Protone – Back To Now (Rubik)
Joakuim – Go With The Weather (Dub)
Ivy Lab – Baby Grey (Critical)
Vigorous – By My Side (Paul SG Remix) (Dub)
BCee – Think Twice (Spearhead)
RoyGreen & Protone – Girl Talk (Demand)
Brunno Junglist – Little Birdie (Sheer Velocity)
Random Movement – Dancing Feat (BCee & Saxxon Remix) (Rubik)
Random Movement – Remember Your Purpose (Dub)
Random Movement – Chop Shop Burn (Dub)
Random Movement – Memory Lane (Dub)
Random Movement – When You Come Alive (Innerground)
Jaybee – Wide Open (Phuzion)
Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile (Critical)
PennyGiles – Leyla’s Last String (Silence Groove Remix) (Dub)
Dave Owen – Bossin’ Ova feat. David Boomah & T.R.A.C. (Dub)
Random Movement – Cash Or Credit (Dub)
Joakuim – Des Fleurs (Dub)
Dave Owen – The Party’s Arrived feat. T.R.A.C. (Dub)
Ivy Lab – Missing Persons feat. Frank Carter III (Critical)

Stunna – Deep Podcast #29

23 Mar

Always happy to share mixes that my friends have done. Hearts out to my homie Stunna. <3



Stunna – Back In Time

Stunna – Exclusive Mix

Stunna – Back In Time
nCamargo – Always Here
Nitri & Level 2 feat. Grimm – Lies (Calibre Remix)
Stunna – After the Rain
Serum & Paul T – Want You Back
Subsid – In Trouble
Apse & Thiago Pery – Jah
Quadrant, Iris & Homemade Weapons – Pembroke
Bladerunner – Lock Off
Jrumhand – Johnny Promise (PFM Remix)
Stunna feat. Place 42 – Hemlock
Blade – Telluric Current
nCamargo – All I Need
Soul Connection – Motions
DuoScience – Seconds Behind
Calibre – New Cons
Robustus – Achromatope
Flaco – Furnace
Large Mouth, D2 & Yukako – Same Scene (Velocity Remix)
Jaybee – Something Special


21 Mar



1. Ivy lab – Missing Persons
2. Roygreen & Protone & Dorian – The Storm
3. Skeptical & Collete Warren – Desire
4. Mutated Forms – Crowlin
5. Break & Dlr – New design
6. Robustus – Sagittarius 
7. Mono – Fissure
8. Joakim – Tears
9. ??? – ???
10. Roygreen & Protone, Pennygiles – Wake up
11. Bill Riley – Never Go Back

Zero T feat Riya – Truth Hurts

17 Mar

Love, love, love and it’s a free download so I heart it even more. 


17 Mar

I am always happy when a new SirReal mix pops up.  I know I’ll love it.  I’ve been digging his mixes for years now.  I’ve already listened to it twice.  Good stuff. <3

SirReal – The Truth Hurts Mix – March 2014


Anushka – Never can decide (Ivy Lab Remix)
Zero-T– Truth Hurts feat Riya [FREE]
Flaco – F-Zero [DUB]
Ivy Lab – Baby Grey
Eavesdrop – Sweet Escape feat Keisha
Seba – Never Let you Go (Blu-Mar-Ten remix)
Loz Contreras – Disco Kiss [DUB]
Furney – Dub a Dub
Total Science – Another Time feat Grimm
Brunno Junglist – Down To You
Flaco – It’s OK Girl [DUB]
Paul-T & Edward Oberon – Do It
Brother – Breathbox (Phase Remix)
Marso & Gala – When Summer Comes
Flaco – Punta Las Marias
Sade- No ordinary Love (LSB Remix) [FREE]
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Velocity Remix)
Flaco – Got Me Thinking [DUB]
Tokyo Prose – Song Bird
Nookie – Rebounded (Jrumhand’s remix)
Furney – I Never Really Know

Technimatic – Shogun Audio Brighton Promo Mix March 2014

12 Mar

FYI, finding mixes can be quite difficult.  LOL.  I remember having a conversation with my buddy Judi about this.  You traipse the internet looking for something decent to listen to and you find someone you don’t know with a decent tracklist and you think oh I’ll give it a go and then… rubbish.  It just goes to show that just because you have good tunes and know how to match beats, doesn’t make you a good dj. It sounds so nerdy, but you can hear the love of the music in the way the tunes are presented and mixed.  I love it when you get to rely on old faithfuls.  The process may seem repetitive when you just listen to the same djs all the time but I love being able to see people I know, see a good tracklist and know that I will enjoy the mix.

1 LSB ‘Leave’ (Soul:R)
2 Technimatic ‘Sphere’ (SGN:LTD)
3 Ivy Lab ‘Baby Grey’ (Critical)
4 Calibre ‘Schlager’ (Signature)
5 DKay ‘It’s On The Way’ (Soul:R)
6 Random Movement ‘Connections’ (Prestige)
7 Adam F ‘Circles (remix)’ (N/A)
8 dBridge & Vegas ‘True Romance’ (Metalheadz)
9 Lenzman ‘Paper Faces ft. Martyna Baker’ (Metalheadz)
10 Phil Tangent ‘Rinjani’ (N/A)
11 Total Science ft. Grimm ‘Another Time’ (Spearhead)
12 Calibre ‘Windows’ (Signature)
13 Lenzman & FD ‘Joanie’s Theme’ (Metalheadz)
14 Technimatic & LSB ‘Serendipity’ (Integral)
15 Karma ‘Salute’ (CYN Music)
16 Zero Tolerance ft. Riya ‘Truth Hurts’ (N/A)
17 Calibre ‘Cully Bridge’ (Signature)
18 Anushka ‘Never Can Decide’ (Ivy Lab Remix) (Brownswood)
19 Bungle ‘Blue’ (Spearhead)

Redeyes Vandal Podcast #17… Again

28 Feb

Dude.  If you didn’t download the Redeyes Vandal Podcast #17, run, don’t walk, and scroll back to yesterday’s post and go do it now.  So awesome.  I should be sorting out my lesson but I’m listening to it again and felt I should come and be Miss Bossypants and tell you to get on that ish.  Nicely mixed and so many goodies on it like this dope Stray tune that always gets me rowdy…  Is it normal to be rowdy before you go teach your students at 9:23 am? ;)

Redeyes – Vandal Podcast 17

26 Feb

A little Redeyes never hurt anyone. :)


01 Redeyes – Afro Blue
02 Andrezz – No time to lose
03 Phil Tangent – we don’t talk anymore
04 Code 3 – G string
05 Tokyo Prose – SongBird
06 Random Movement – God Complex
07 Anile – Custom Dancer
08 Tokyo Prose – Good Bye Hands
09 Calibre – Rose
10 Memro- Distance
11 FD & System – So Real
12 Kasper – Thelonious Crunk
13 Redeyes – Goodnight Brooklyn
14 Level 2 – You re like me
15 Velocity – Flashbulb Memory
16 Submorphics – Burning love
17 Technimatic – Bristol
18 Will Miles – Preparation
19 Dj Marky – Yellow Shoes – Calibre remix
20 Random Movement – Fresh Off the Market
21 Dj Marky & Invaderz – After midnight
22 System – Sound man
23 Tim Reaper – My own flying island
24 Stray – Prof Popper
25 Joakuim – DF 
26 Machinedrum -Rise n Fall
27 Moresound – Flocon
28 Synkro – Fading lights
29 Fracture & System – In the Shade
30 Bungle – Astra
31 Marcus Intalex – Temperance
32 Flowrian – Perception
33 Stray – Ginseng Smash
34 Marc Pritchard – Jack
35 Kuhn – Boombox
36 Slick Shoota – Glory Daze
37 Redeyes – Feeling this way


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