Calibre Tracks

8 Sep

It’s kinda cloudy and dreary here today. 

My school had their bunkasai this weekend and so I had to work on Saturday.  We get today off as a make up for working the weekend.

I’m grading journals and lesson planning and am totally in a “I only want to hear Calibre tracks” mood.

So here. :)

Summer Jams

3 Sep

Summer is coming to an end.  School has started.  I’m sitting in the office grading summer vacation journals.  The weather is gorge today.  The window is open and there is a  lovely breeze coming through the window.  I’m listening to this sick Sinistarr remix of Random Movement’s “Dancing Feat” and reading the students’ hilarious journals.

Dude.  This track is everything today.  LOL.   I love when you are in the mood for a song and you just feel like pressing repeat a bunch of times cuz you are vibin’ so hard. 

Hearts to the max.


Back In The World of Internets

31 Aug

I just got internet at my apartment this weekend.  I have it at school but dang, a month without internet in your home is rough yo. 



That was me every night.

Anyways, school officially starts tomorrow.  Gotta get introduced to the school as the new ALT and all that jazz.  In the meantime I’m not actually listening to anything new, just cleaning, making worksheets and listening to old faves.  It’s not hard to be productive when you’ve got Matrix playing in the background. :)



13 Aug

Oh hi!  :)

I don’t have internet at my house yet.  For some reason it takes a month or so to get it set up.  Totally dying in the meantime.  LOL.  I soak up as much internet at school as I can.

So I’m here.  Japan life begins now.  Hoping to maybe make it to go see LTJ in Tokyo on the 22rd, we’ll see if that actually happens though since I’m still trying to get settled. 

In the office right now sweating my ass off listening to Stunna.





24 Jul

Great reblog from dBridge at Exit Record’s Tumblr page!  I would love to write some eloquent prose to cosign along with everything he said, but in actuality he said it all so beautifully, so just read for yourselves.

Click here for the link to the actual post:



It seems to be a popular narrative with journalists and other non-Drum & Bass producing musicians at the moment, to wonder and show surprise that producers are still making DnB, that it’s “still here” and that it still has any kind of musical value or worth. This continued belief that DnB has been on some kind of hiatus, that it’s been in a state of hibernation or, what I read recently “nearly a decade in dance music purgatory” confounds me. I can point out many labels and artists who have been releasing Drum & Bass-influenced music consistently, my own Exit Records being one of many. I don’t remember any noteworthy label taking a gap year from releasing DnB. Just because you’re not looking, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Some of us are admittedly out on the fringes of electronic music, but we have a loyal and dedicated following, we’re releasing great records on vinyl. Granted, maybe not ‘hand pressed by virgins in a Berlin loft’-vinyl, but vinyl worth listening to nonetheless. So whilst I understand the reason behind some of these sheep like statements, the shortsightedness of those making them does annoy me. 

Like many other genres of electronic music, the all-encompassing word ‘Drum & Bass’ has been around for quite some time. It’s a name that encapsulates many different styles of the genre, from the chart-topping music of Dj Fresh & Wilkinson to the Dubbed out Techno heaviness of Loxy, the B-Boy drum work of Paradox, the clinical rigour of Noisia, the Jungle Juke-iness (is that a word?) of Fracture, the Hip-Hop swagger of Stray, the soulfulness of Calibre, all the way through to the minimal precision of Bop. Much like House and Techno, DnB has many offshoots and variants, that all essentially stemmed from the same thing but over time have evolved and now no longer have much to do with each other. The only thing that really binds them all is a tempo, and more importantly (or not?), the name. 

This is where my annoyance stems. It seems people have just one view of what “Drum & Bass” is. I have an idea what that is, but it seems to me that some form of daft musical stereotype has taken hold of journalists and musicians who, frankly, should know better. It has its subtleties just like other genres, subtleties that if people could be bothered, or, I suppose, cared, would easily hear. For example, even though we made music together as Bad Company, comparing what I do now to what my buddy DJ Fresh now makes, is like comparing Steve Aoki to Jimmy Edgar. Yet, we still operate within similar brackets of dance music. It is this one-sided view of DnB that many seem to share that makes it difficult for me to identify myself within this genre anymore. And this really is a true shame, considering the fact that I’ve always identified myself with DnB and have felt to be a part of it, from the very beginning of the genre itself. This narrow-mindedness surrounding the term DnB has made me want to distance myself further, as it feels the term ‘DnB’ no longer reflects me and what I’m about. 

But, as you might know, I’ve already spoken about my feelings on this in a previous blog post, and this is about something else.

As a scene DnB has outlived and survived many other burgeoning scenes (many of those that were seen as Drum & Bass killers), and it’s still here! Still filling clubs and festival spaces year in, year out. It has a fun side that isn’t going to change the world but provides enjoyment to those who want to lose themselves for a few fun-filled hours, and has a serious, ‘how the fuck did they do that’-complexity, that will musically blow any other electronic scene out of the water.  

As a genre I think it’s earned its place at the table. It’s enriched people who listen to it, clearly influenced producers, and has led the way in the production of modern electronic music for quite some time, much the same way House & Techno has. 

So, in conclusion:  

It’s not going anywhere,

It’s been around long enough for you to know there are differences within the genre,

Show it the respect it’s earned and deserves,

And stop being so bloody daft!


DnB History

23 Jul

Being a raver/dj is a time in my life that I will never forget.  I made so many amazing friends and enjoyed every moment of it.  One of the best things that came out of that period of time is my record collection.  About 19 years of dope tracks that are all my favourites.

Telling me to pick one as my fave is pure cruelty so I always preface it with “for today.”  I do that with my students too, I tell them they can tell me what their fave thing in whatever the category is, just for today and it’s okay if it changes tomorrow, so no one feels left out.  LOL.

My set up is in the basement at my mum’s house and as I wait to leave for Japan I have impromptu bedroom dance/mix parties probably about 4 times a week.  It always makes me happy.  I have so many good records.  I could mix for days and be in constant bliss.

As I tell you frequently, I am no way remotely up to date with what goes on in dnb land today.  I tune in every once in a while and get updates from my friends that are still a part of the scene and I’m content with that. My friend Judi (one of my amazing raving buddies I have been fortunate to make of the past 2 decades) posted this link to a Dara article from DAD on 20 years of drum n bass and it brought back so many memories.

I have so many crazy/hilarious/classic/monumental/epic stories from my raving/djing/promoting days, I would love to sit down with the younguns today and hear what their stories are like.  Mainly just because I’m nosy and I don’t really live that life anymore so I instead like to live vicariously through others.  ;)

Anyways, check out the article.  Peep the tracks.  Good read.

20 Years of Drum and Bass History in 20 Tracks

**  EZ Rollers – Tough At The Top is one of the tracks Dara chose.  There are some records that I don’t own and they are the ones that haunt you every time you hear them.  I own the original and it’s extremely wonderful but I also really love the Origin Unknown Remix and never got it.  I always think that I will spend one day trolling for the copious amounts of tunes I don’t own but then I go back to living my regular life and forget about it.  I am going to Discogs to buy this tune the second I finish this post though.  LOL. **

The 2nd drop is ridiculous.  I know for a fact I hugged many a speaker brocking out to that drop. It’s really what this remix is all about cuz the part before that is pretty tame.  Loves it.


Student Life

12 Jul

I didn’t disappear.  I’ve been tucked away studying Japanese.  I’ve actually been quite disciplined.  I wake up, work out and then put myself in school for about 5 hours.  I was never a good student and still am not, but one thing I definitely know is the benefit of understanding the structure of the language of the students I’m teaching.  It helps immensely in the classroom because you can predict their errors, so I’m grinning and bearing it.

Summer is coming along nicely, it’s going by so fast though!  3 more weeks and then I’m off to Japan.  I’m beside myself trying to figure out how one packs to go away for one year.  I feel like I had become quite good at the short stays.  6 months is nothing.  You know you’ll be back soon enough so you just make sure you have enough clothes and little trinkets that will help you create a home away from home.  1 year though, you try and make sure you bring your home with you.  They recommend that I don’t bring too much stuff with me and buy stuff there and then get my family to ship stuff to me…   um that won’t work for me.  I’m not rich.  It’s so expensive to ship stuff to other countries.  I sent a small box of clothes to my cousin in London which had like 5 things I got for her kiddos at Target and it cost $50.  I’d rather pay for the extra suitcase now instead.

Anyways, enough whinging.  I was just letting you know what I’ve been up to.  I haven’t really been finding any mixes that I felt like I would die if I didn’t share with you, hence the lack of posts.  I’ve just been listening to old stuff.  I love the feeling of reintroducing old tunes to the rotation.  So many fond memories.

I’m going to Chicago today to visit the homies.  Came across this Soultec mix.  I haven’t listened to it yet but the tracklist looks decent and I usually like Soultec mixes so hopefully this adds some joy to my roadtrip. :)

Soultec – Sheer Velocity Recordings Mix Vol. 4


Bank – An Empty Dream – SVr Dub
Lenzman – Just Cant Take feat. Drs – Metal Headz
Alix Perez – Crooklyn – Soul:r
Glen E Ston & Flaco – Journey – Dub
Subsid – Single Hand – SVr Dub
Lenzman – Through My Eyes – Metal Headz
Soligen & Type 2 – Can’t Go – Celsius
Broken Drum – Smile (Random Movement Remix_ – SVR Dub
Calibre – Chances – SIgnature
Strengthen Your Mind (Level 2 D&B Remix) -Free
Spective – Warmth of Sunshine – Soul Deep Dub
LSB – Leave – soul:r
Atlantic Connection & Redeyes – Can’t Hide – Westbay International
Soul Intent – Far Out Funk – Dub
MJT – Fuego – SVr Dub
Jaybee – Mixed Company – SVr Dub

Summertime DnB

16 Jun

I’m currently in New Jersey visiting family.  My brother’s house is in quite a rural area, so I’ve been enjoying the open fields, deer, sheep and duck families crossing my path as I run every morning.  I’ve especially been enjoying running with dnb blasting on my ipod in the hot weather.  Yay for summer!

This gem popped up in the shuffle and it was definitely the highlight of yesterday’s run.

Also, I never met a Lenzman mix I didn’t like and with his album launch, there are definitely plenty of them going around.



Phil Tangent – Treasure Island x Breeze Promo Mix

9 Jun

So I’m back in Wisco.

For the longest time I really disliked Madison.  Growing up in  London made it really hard to embrace this 250,000+ city.  I still find it too small but at the same time I’ve learned to appreciate it.  It’s so beautiful and it’s not everyday you get to be surrounded by lakes and trees.  After being in Indonesia I adopted this new found love for the outdoors and Wisconsin offers all those pleasures.

I remember when I first moved here from Chicago I kept mistaking the bunny rabbits that you see constantly for rats.  LOL.  They are everywhere and I wasn’t used to seeing so many of them at night.  Just the other day there was a gigantic turkey just kicking it on our street.  It’s even more beautiful in the summer.  I’m going to enjoy my 8 weeks home. :

I’m particularly enjoying running outdoors with my ipod blasting and listening to these gems. ;)

Phil Tangent – Treasure Island x Breeze Promo Mix



01. Phil Tangent – Remembrance
02. Malaky – Right Now
03. Phil Tangent – Clouded Judgement
04. Pennygiles & Ed:it – Set Theory
05. Maurs – Stand
06. Enei – Woodrunner
07. Redeyes – Feeling This Way
08. Detail & Tiiu – Days Go By
09. Rahmanee – The Stopper
10. Digital – Archive
11. Physics – Dreamworld (dBridge Remix)
12. Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile
13. Hyroglifics & Philth – The Forest
14. Rahmanee – Reprezent
15. Xtrah – No Good
16. Phil Tangent – Pale Into Insignificance

Jet Lag

4 Jun

Made it back.  Horrid journey with lots of unnecessary drama but had loads of mixes to keep me company.  Hello America, I missed you. xoxo

On another note, there are so so many bangers out right now.  As I listened to mix after mix I kept writing down tracks that I wanted to post about and the list got really long.  Summer is off to a good start! 

Downloaded this one back in April but only got a chance to listen to it yesterday.  Totally worth the wait.  What an enjoyable mix. :)

Level 2 ft Grimm – You & Me (dub)
Seismix – On Earth (Rush Recs)
Submorphics – Burning Love (Lenzman Remix) (Liquid V Dub)
Spectrasoul – The Gift (Shogun)
Sub Focus – Close (Ivy Lab Remix) (RAM Dub)
Young:G – Predator (Syndrome)
DJ Chap – Terrorist (V Dub)
Submotion Orchestra – It’s Not me It’s U (Alix Perez Remix) (Exceptional Recs)
Level 2 – Think it’s Over (Dub)
Zero T ft Riya – Truth Hurts (Free)
Random Movement – We’ve Been Lost in Time (Innerground Dub)
DJ Chap – Fear (Unreal Rising VIp) (V Dub)
A Sides & Fats – Moment in time (S.P.Y Remix) (Eastside Dub)
L Side ft Ragga Twins – Riddim Dance (Chronic Dub)
C.A.B.L.E. – Osyris (Dub)
Dr Meaker – Fighter (Unreal 2014 Exclusive VIP)
Earth Wind & Fire – Devotion (S.P.Y. Remix) (dub)
Marcus Visionary – Love on Love (L-Side Remix) (On Point)
C.A.B.L.E. – Xtract Riddim (Dub)
Critycal Dub – Hold On (Chronic)
Level 2 ft Hannah Eve – Born To Run (V)
Calibre ft DRS – Eschation (Signature)
Nitri & Level 2 ft Grimm – Lies (Calibre Remix) (Horizons)
Calibre – Miraculous (Signature)


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