Professional Mix Listener

Is that a thing?  I could def. do that for a living.  When I have a lot of work to do I just bulldoze through mix after mix.

Currently zoning out to this one as I catch up on some grading. :)


01 // Technimatic v Nils Frahm – Music Is Familiar
02 // Artificial Intelligence – Nothing But
03 // Random Movement – Lost In Time
04 // DBR UK – Hexton ft. Skeptical
05 // Technimatic & Lucy Kitchen v LSB – Looking For Tonight
06 // Random Movement – A Day Without Death
07 // Phaction ft. Leo Woo – Stratos
08 // Friske – Down
09 // Stealth – The Truth ft. MC Fats
10 // Random Movement – Yes You Are
11 // Alix Perez – Recall & Reflect
12 // John Newman – Tiring Game (Spectrasoul Remix)
13 // SP:MC – We Run This
14 // Mr Joseph – Signs and Signals
15 // Changing Faces – Inside Your Mind
16 // Artificial Intelligence – Take Me There ft. Steo
17 // Macca & Loz Contreras – One Touch (Technimatic Remix)
18 // Artificial Intelligence – Rizon
19 // Dawn Wall – Seeds Of Change
20 // Command Strange – Ghostman (Philbee Remix)
21 // Technimatic – Untitled
22 // Zero T – My Name (Lenzman Remix)
23 // Phil Tangent & Pennygiles – Ascension
24 // Hosta ft. Jessica Avis – Need Some Time
25 // Olski – Salem Royale
26 // Technimatic – Flashbulb VIP
27 // Calibre – Bullets ft. Diane Charlemagne

Wilin’ Out

This term has been so so so busy.  I’m exhausted and just excited to get a 3 week holiday at home for Christmas.

Exams are coming up and we’ve got 4 finals to write.  I already wrote one, so only 3 more to go.  *sigh*

I’m rewarding myself for all the good teacher behaviour by going to this Human Elements show on the 12th.


I will most definitely be that old lady shaking my booty to some dnb for endless amounts of hours.  I mean come on, Makoto, Velocity and Tokyo Prose… bruh.  I’ll be wilin’ out fo sho.

Currently listening to this Zero T gem.  So many goodies on here.


Gym Motivation

Ugh, dreary, cold, rainy.  Trying not to be a lazy git.

Current treadmill listening mix.  Love me some Bank. :)


Bank – Strictly Extracurricular  (love this <3 <3 )
Random Movement – We’ve Been Lost In Time
Alix Perez – Never Left
Zero Tolerance – Goes Around
Commix – Everything
Break – Hope (feat. Celestine)
Bakersville – Times (Document One Remix)
Break – Pushing On Me
Commix – Midas Touch
Alix Perez – Stray
Stich, Icicle, Alix Perez – This Is How
Alix Perez – Losing You
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange – Flirt
Rowpieces – Sibyllic
Random Movement – A Day Without Death
Rowpieces – Nisa
Fred V – Resolved
Atmospherix – Memories
Altitude – Cotton & China
Gerwin – Vibrating For You
Velocity, Key MC – Ladder


If I wrote a proper post about Murderapolis (a rave in Minneapolis in ’96), this post would be long as hell.  The Formation tour came through Minneapolis and it was amazing.

It’s a holiday today and I’m putzing around my place, pretending to clean.  I’ve got Itunes on shuffle and Trace’s Mutant Revisited just came on.  DJSS opened his set with it at Murderapolis.

Definitely put a big smile on my face this a.m. :)

Morning Pick-Me-Up

Definitely need this, cuz writing midterms is not where it’s at this a.m. 


1. Zen Dub – Panacea
2. LSB – Mist Of You
3. Mr Probz – Waves (Bootleg)
4. Nu:Logic – Morning Light
5. Phil Tangent And Penny Giles – Untitled
6. Logistics – Triangles
7. Nu:Logic – Brown Shoes
8. Makoto ft. MC Conrad – Golden Girl (Lenzman VIP Mix)
9. Capital Cities – Safe And Sound (Nu:Logic Remix)
10. Bondax – Gold (Technimatic Remix)
11. Kove – Still High
12. Metrik ft. Elizabeth Troy – Want My Love
13. Subwave – Deadhead
14. Grades – King (Culture Shock Remix)
15. Freeze – Guess Who
16. Lamb – Gabrielle (Bootleg)
17. DRS ft. LSB And Tyler Daley – The View
18. Nu:Logic ft. Lifford – Everlasting Days
19. Maduk – Believe (Logistics Remix)
20. Logistics – City Life
21. Nu:Logic – Memories (VIP Mix)
22. Logistics – Transcending
23. Unknown – Short Stay
24. Fred V And Grafix ft. Josie – Sick Of All Your Secrets (Logistics Remix)
25. Logistics ft. Hugh Hardie – As Sure As Sunrise (VIP Mix)


This video is making the rounds again and I’ll happily watch it on repeat.

So many feels.  Totally the beginning of my love affair with this whole scene.

20 years and still amazing af.

I’m gonna sit here and rave while I grade these papers. :)

<3 <3 <3

Tough At The Top

Moving a bit slow this a.m.

E-Z Rollers and Origin Unknown is my morning medicine.  Nothing like some funky/jazzy dnb to stop you from being so fucking lazy.

That breakdown in the Origin Unknown remix gets me every time.  <3 <3 <3

Ivy Lab All Day

I consistently have so much love for Ivy Lab.  Hearts, hearts and more hearts.

I can’t get over how good their remix of Lenzman’s Paper Faces is.

I’m currently having a little Ivy Lab appreciation session here at the crib, so I figured why not post some tunes. :)