Rain, Rain and More Rain

Rainy season is upon us.  Non-stop rain, non-stop mugginess.  Meh.

Exams this week.  No more classes to teach til after summer holiday.  Going home to America next week.  Woohoo.

A little Alex Reece and Lemon D to get the morning puddle jumping underway.

Um… How Is It June 18???

I’ve been meaning to update for a minute and time seems to just keep running laps around me.

Going home to America soon.  Super excited to see my family and friends and go to Mollie and Sam’s wedding.

I’ll write a better post later.  I’m in the midst of making review sheets and writing tests for the end of the first term.

When I get that done I’ll be ready to blab endlessly like I usually do.

Test writing soundtrack = A Sides & Makoto

Sun & Bass Podcast #36 – Total Science


Blog bday!  7 years.

I stopped doing my livejournal blog in 2008.  I decided that I was always “all in my feelings” in those blog posts and real talk…, nobody could possibly care that much about my thoughts.

I took a year off and then started this one.  I made the decision to blab A LOT less about my life and just talk about how much I love drum n bass.  I figured that would make me only mildly annoying.

I was just telling Kate that between my livejournal and my wordpress, I have now been blogging for 14 years.  That’s crazy.

I’m celebrating this 7th bday with this wonderful Total Science mix that they did for the Sun & Bass Podcast.

Oh Sun & Bass pretty please, don’t stop being in existence before I actually manage to be able to go. :P


It’s a holiday week here, but I didn’t go anywhere.  Is there such thing as being travelled out?  Totally don’t mean to sound bratty.  I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and all the places I’ve been.  I’ve kinda just reached a point where I’m not trying to constantly gallivant everywhere and explore everything.  I have about 6 places on my bucket list that I definitely want to go to at some point, but right now, I’m kind of over the travelling for travelling sake.  I’m really excited about going home this summer to see my family and friends and for the rest of the time, I’m content just being the most boring person in Togane.  

I did have a lovely day outing in Narita with the Johnson sisters on Saturday and I also went to Kate’s taiko performance.  So it’s not like I was a complete shut-in.

This school term is crackers.  There’s so much stuff to be done.  I’ve spent the other half of my holiday studying Japanese and getting ahead on our lesson planning.  I started out listening to a Logan Sama grime mix and didn’t really get much done, cuz I was too amped and taking notes on tracks I “must have.” LOL.  Enter Friction with this goodie goodie gumdrop. A little more lesson planning friendly for Kenyeh Sensei. :)



Lenzman feat. Kevin King – Starz (LSB Remix)

Rag’N’Bone Man – Life In Her Yet (SpectraSoul Radio Mix)

Adam F. – Circles (Dramatic Remix)

Breakage Ft. Madi Lane – Future (Calibre Remix)

Dr. S. Gatchet – Remember The Roller (Heist Remix)

Calibre – The Sweet

Dub Phizix – The Clock Ticks

Halogenix – Soulide

LSB – Mist Of You

Heist ft. Regina – Common Ground

SpectraSoul – Always

Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions

Paul SG – Caragua

Velocity & Malaky – Midnight

Ephemerals – Life Is Good (Technimatic Remix)

Bachelors of Science – FabricLive Promo Mix

This one goes out to my friend Judi, who for almost 2 years had a Bachelors of Science mix stuck in the cd player in her car.  

We would have the same conversation every time she picked me up to go somewhere.

Me:  Judi why are you always listening to this Bachelors of Science mix?

Judi:  Keekee, I’ve told you, it’s stuck in there!  NBD.  It’s a good mix.

LMAO.  She was always so noncholant about it.  She was right though, It really was a good mix.  :P



1) Bachelors of Science, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren – One The Line – Code Recordings

2) Roygreen & Protone – Homeground – Demand Records

3) Total Science feat. Riya – Walk The Same Lines – CIA

4) Jam Thieves – Real Killer – Radius Recordings

5) Artificial Intelligence – What You Had feat. Steo (Lenzman_remix) – Metalheadz

6) Bachelors of Science – Before You Go (feat. Dylan Germick & Audio Angel) – Code Recordings

7) Bungle – Alone – 31 Records

8) Phase – Return The Flavour – Intrigue Music

9) Worthy – The Words feat. Audio Angel (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Anabatic

10) Technimatic – Chasing A Dream – Shogun Audio

11) Lenzman – Lazy Dub – Metalheadz

12) Flaco – Want You – Dub

13) Isola Dusk – Waiting for U (Ben Soundscape Remix) (Dub)

14) Bachelors of Science – Satisfy (170 Mix) – Code Recordings

15) Bachelors of Science – Everywhere We Go (feat. Soultrain Locomotive) – Code Recordings

16) Roygreen & Protone – Navarro – Demand Records

17) Bachelors of Science – Control – Code Recordings

18) Lurch – Never Be Mine – Intrigue Music

Things I Most Definitely Will Always Sleep On…

My best friend and his crew used to do this graffiti magazine called Life Sucks Die.  They would have this section called “Things You Might Have Slept On” and they would tell you about a plethora of ridiculous things that you never noticed before and they felt you needed to pay attention to.

I was listening to this all Steo mix by SirReal and the Alix Perez remix of Zero T’s “Refusal” came on and I was like “This is dope!”  I looked it up and saw that it came out last summer.  No surprise there.  I’m so out of the loop that I’m sure there’s a bajillion tracks that I probably won’t hear until I come across them in a mix like a decade from now.  LOL.

Anyways, it’s a nice remix.  The SirReal mix is dope too.  I’m a big Steo fan and appreciate hearing someone mix all of his features instead of me having to make an Itunes playlist. :P


Phil Tangent – Bedouin Soul
Zero T – Walk Away
Calibre – Wilderness
Lenzman – Empty Promise
A.I – You Can Dream
A.I – Forgotten Truths
Zero T – Refusal (Alix Perez Remix)
Lenzman – My Tears
Zero T & Icicle – Go 4 Yours
Beta 2 – 2nd Page
A.I – Let it Be
A.I – What You Had
Zero T – The Sea
Zero T & Survival – No More
Zero T & Mosus – Call Waiting


This rain won’t let up.  I’m just sitting here kicking it with Kate, waiting to go home and listening to some Lenzman. :)

Turntable Nostalgia

I miss my turntables.

I never really wanted to dj.  I didn’t like mixing out at first.  I just really like loud electronic music and mixing records was a way to hear the tracks that I wanted to hear on a really loud sound-system.  When you’re a foreign kid that moves around a lot and is always new to school, you try your hardest not to do activities that make people stare at you for long periods of time.

As time went on, I joined a bunch of great crews and started to really enjoy mixing with them and learned to like bits and pieces of the whole djing culture.  Once I started graduate school, it became difficult to keep up with that lifestyle.  I worked all the time and had a ton of homework so I couldn’t feasibly justify staying out til 4am.  I barely sleep as it is and decided I would much rather go to bed than rave.  #oldpeopleproblems

Now that I don’t mix out any more, one of my favourite pastimes is long ass bedroom mix sessions.  All my stuff is at my mum’s house and I have my turntables nicely set up in my bedroom in the basement.  Before I moved to Japan, I was just a jobless offspring eating all my mum’s food and would spend my time posted up in my room, doing 4, 5+ hour mixing sessions.  I would be like “Ooh, lets do all Virus Recordings today,”  or “This feels like a Formation Records day”. 

It’s rainy out today and I really wish I could just have a marathon mix session.

I guess I’ll just listen to this mix instead. 


01 Redeyes – She Said (Vandal Ltd)
02 TaylorMcFerrin – Florasia – Redeyes Edits (Free)
03 Calibre – Let me Hold You (Signature)
04 J Daure – Redemption feat. Hanna Eve (Vandal Ltd)
05 Forren Feat Zoe K – You’re the One (Unreleased)
06 Tokyo Prose – Ventura (Samurai)
07 St : Cal – Losing Ground (Soul:r)
08 Robert Manos – Madness – Bcee Rmx (Spearhead)
09 Fluidity – Deeper Vibe (Vandal Ltd)
10 Halogenix – Her wave (Critical)
11 Random Movement – Stayed Around (Unreleased)
12 Redeyes Feat Dan Stezo – Psychonaut (Vandal Ltd)
13 Redeyes & Atlantic Connection – Cant Hide (WestBay)
14 Rosie Lowe – Me and Your Ghost – Redeyes edits (Free)
15 Colossus – The Road (Hospital)
16 DBridge – Mr. Malcontent (Exit)
17 Redeyes – Long Night (Unreleased)
18 Calibre – Run away feat Fox (Signature)
19 Forren – Sometimes (Unreleased)
20 Lukich, Tim Reaper & The Funktion – Safari at Night (Vandal Ltd)
21 M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S – Boulevard (Vandal Ltd)
22 Ivy Lab – 20 Questions (Critical)
23 Unknow – Unknow (Unreleased)
24 Anile – Losing My Mind (Hospital)
25 AI & DBridge – Better Days (Liquid V)
26 Submorphics – Rosewood (Shogun Ltd)
27 Calibre – All the While (Signature)
28 Jazzassins – Odron (Jazzsticks)
29 Redeyes – Memory Lane (Vandal Ltd)
30 Technimatic – Music is Music (Shogun)
31 Tokyo Prose & Lenzman – Wont let me Go (Samurai)
32 Redeyes – Time For Peace (Vandal Records)
33 Redeyes – Underneath (Vandal Ltd)

Stab Stab Die

I woke up at 4am today and watched The Following and then had my usual conversation with my homie Shannon about stabbing, clown-faced murderers, killing people with a blowtorch (all The Following storylines btw) and then went for a run.

Seeing as started my morning in such a sinister manner, and it was still dark outside, I figured some dirty, moody rollers would be the way to go for my morning run soundtrack.

I listened to a Spectrasoul mix that I downloaded last month.  I don’t think I posted it.  I download new mixes pretty much everyday and eventually get around to listening to them.  This mix was kind of a showcase of all their tunes.  The highlight was that they started out their set with “Dark Hour” which is always a win in my book.  The mix wasn’t that long so I added a couple of tunes from my itunes library to make it an hour.

Some highlights.





Matrix Appreciation

There’s like 15 tracks that I listen to on the regular that are old as hell.

I ran to some Matrix jams this morning and I still vibe off how ridiculously good they are.

One could say I’m stuck in the olden days and I’m totally OK with that.  I just have so many awesome memories of raving back then, so I cherish all those tracks from that time period.

I still listen to new stuff but that’s while I’m grading, lesson planning, and being a boring old lady, not hugging the speakers. ;)


This one’s not to shabby either. :)