Calling All Patients…

I absolutely promise that today is the last day I write about being sick. I’m even sick of writing about it so Im sure you’re sick of hearing about it. I know I’m feeling better but I’m really not well. I justTonsilitis don’t feel like I’m dying anymore which is a definite step up. My throat is still really swollen though and I’ve got a really horrible headache. I haven’t eaten any real food for like seven days. I’ve been surviving on a soup and Jamba Juice diet because my taste buds are shot and my throat is too swollen for me to actually swallow anything. I like soup and Jamba Juice as much as the next person but for seven days in a row it’s not really that appetizing. I’ve finally decided that if I’m not fully better by thursday I’ll go to the doctor. It’s hard for me to consider actually going to the doctor because I never get sick and it’s not something I do that frequently. Usually I just wait for whatever I’ve got to go away on it’s own and it usually does but this, whatever it is, is staying put. I’m also pretty sure that my throat looks like the pic to the right, which is not cute. Sorry for the gross pic but we’re family now and I think you too should share in my misery. 😉

Moving on, I went to the bike shop with CC yesterday. I’ve been trying to figure out what would be the best bike for me. I’m not trying to become a professional bike messenger type person. I just wanna ride my bike to work and around my neighbourhood. I’m willing to spend some money on it so I don’t necessarily think I should have to buy a bike from Target. I also have steep stairs so the bike has to be light enough that I can carry it without dying. I’ve decided to get a used one and fix it up. CC’s completely obsessed with her bike and she spent quite a pretty penny on it so she kinda knows what she’s doing and has been giving me some pointers. She also practically lives at the bike shop so at least I know the people won’t be a dick to me. We discussed all my needs and what I would have to get done and it seems like it’s all gonna go pretty well so I’m excited for next week’s prospects.

I guess I should make an official post about tomorrow. If you live in the Chi Town area, I’m playing at Lava. Random Movement is the Headliner. I’ll be playing from 10 til Midnight. I think it’s a pretty fun night but I’m biased because that’s where all my friends are. If you like dnb it’s definitely good local fun. Come hang out.

Seminar Flier

I heard this new Chase & Status tune the other day that I’m kinda digging Take Me Away. It’s weird how Chase & Status is so hit and miss for me. I really like the first tune and then you listen to the other one and I’m like ugh. There’s also a pretty cool Zero T remix of Leave Me Alone.

Anyways. That’s enough yapping for now.


Format Next Level Show 95BFM – 06/07/08


  1. Zero T & Survival feat. Steo – No More [DISPATCH]
  2. Alix Perez, Icicle & Switch – This Is How [SGN:LTD]
  3. Calibre feat. Lariman – Peace of Mind [SIGNATURE]
  4. Zero T & Icicle – Go For Yours [CIA]
  5. D-Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa [EXIT]
  6. Atlantic Connection feat. Minds One- Can’t Destroy Love Pt.2 [WESTBAY]
  7. Naibu – Generic Generation [AVALANCHE]
  8. Marcus Intalex – Moonwalk [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
  9. Calibre – Into The Groove [SIGNATURE]
  10. Brother – Grace [SONOROUS]
  11. Urban Notion – Insomnia [RUSE RECORDS]
  12. Usual Suspects – Sapphire 7 [31 Records]
  13. D-Bridge – On My Mind [EXIT]
  14. Luca – Break and Enter [SAMURAI]
  15. Naibu – Back Engineering [AVALANCHE]
  16. Atlantic Connection feat. Lynx – Danger Zone [WESTBAY]
  17. Invaderz – So Low [INVADERZ TRANSMISSIONS]
  18. Zero Tolerance & Mosus feat. Steo – Call Waiting [LIQUID V]
  19. Icicle & Switch – Looking away [OSIRIS]
  20. Redeyes – Turn Around [CIA DEEP KUTS]
  21. Marcus Intalex – Princess Warrior [SOUL:R]
  22. Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force [PHANTOM AUDIO]
  23. Cyba Space feat. Shanie – I Bless The Day [CYBA SPACE?]
  24. Mosus & SPY – 1999 [SAMURAI]
  25. Lynx feat. Maple – Shaku [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
  26. Concord Dawn – Man For All Season [UPRISING]

2 thoughts on “Calling All Patients…

  1. oh jeeez keekee… your throat looks terrible. have you tried gargling with salt water? i did that when i was sick and soreness and swelling went away, but not the pain.. idunno man. i think you should go to the dr regardless.

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