Hip Hop Swagger

I’ve mentioned before that I work six days a week.  I’m quitting my second job in September and to be honest I can’t wait.  It seems like I look so forward to the weekends as it is that anxiously awaiting my free day on Sundays just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Anyways it’s Friday.  Yay.  Thank god.

I’ve surprisingly been listening to a lot of non dnb the past couple of days.  I’ve been hearing really good tracks on 1xtra and I’ve got $50 in itunes gift cards leftover from my side hustle, so I just keep downloading track after track.  Some of my current faves?

Nas feat. Keri Hilson – Hero – I really like the beat.  I’m not much of a word smith.  I appreciate people who rhyme and what not but I definitely will pay more attention to what your saying if there’s a good beat behind it.  Nas is pretty dope too so it’s a win win.

Common feat. Pharrell – Universal Mind Control – Everyone’s hating on this track but I like it.   I never was really a huge Common fan, but I’ve started to love the stuff he’s put out within the last year.

The Clipse – 20k Money Making Brothers – I just love the Clipse point blank period.  Like I said before, I don’t really pay much attention to many rappers but these dudes are fucking awesome.  This song is older but I just decided to download it the other day cuz I felt like listening to it.  They have a new one out called Fast Life that is cool but I like this 20k better.

Paleface feat. Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Remix) – The Paleface original is a bit too ravey for me but this Crazy Cousinz remix is so sultry. The beat is just sexy as hell and the vocal is too.

There’s more.  I just don’t feel like listing them all.  I want to go home cuz I’m bored and tired and it’s only 12:55.  Boo. 😦

I am excited to listen to this Patife mix though.


Dj PatifeSummercast July 2008


01. Tita Lima – A Conta Do Samba [Human Factor Remix] (Sunrize Records)
02. Fabio Kura & DJ Roots – Back Again (No Label)
03. Motta – Need Ur Luv (No Label)
04. DJ Roots & The Ego – Shining Down (No Label)
05. Gilberto Gil – Aquele Abraço [Mad Zoo’s Remix] (No Label)
06. David WS – One More Time (No Label)
07. Dhemix – Never Had Love Like This (No Label)
08. Victor Mansur & Duda Bueno – Let Me Love [Human Factor & Weirdo Remix] (Sunrize Records)
09. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing [DNB Lovers Remix] (No Label)
10. Ritual – Gotta Keep On (No Label)
11. DJ Link – Dreams (No Label)
12. David WS – Prophecies (No Label)
13. Spikey Tee & Ritual – Whip Dem (No Label)
14. Fabio Kura & Motta – Zamba Bem (No Label)
15. Lemon D – Get On Down – (V Recordings)
16. White Label
17. Primary Motive – Who Has The Jazz (Creative Source)
18. Max De Castro – Carnaval “Pra Você Lembrar [DJ Patife Remix] (V Recordings)
19. Peshay – Road To San Marino (Photek Productions)
20. Erikah Badu – Bag Lady (Bootleg)
21. J Majik feat. Kathy Brown – Love Is Not A Game (Defected)

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