Shaken, Not Stirred

I really don’t pay attention to what’s going on around me. I’m pretty sure that’s what aids my clumsiness but with the help of my ipod I tend to find it really easy to ignore everything. Everday life is pretty distracting! I was just noticing that this morning as I walked to the train without my ipod. 😦

It’s very strange that reading a book doesn’t seem to deter people from talking to you. Only one person bothered me this morning so it wasn’t that bad. 🙂

I don’t understand how the days go by so quickly. I swear it was just yesterday I was bitching about how long I had to wait for it to be friday and now friday is tomorrow already.

I’m kinda sleepy and I think I had one too many martinis yesterday. Who in their right mind drinks martinis on a wednesday??  Me I guess.  I was just kinda bored with my vodka tonics and decided to spice it up.

I heard a bunch of jams on bassdrive yesterday but I was kinda busy as I was listening and didn’t write any of them down and therefore cannot report on them. Lame.

Sorry this post is so boring. I’m using all my energy to try and keep awake.


mSdoS & Pete Rann – Liquid DnB Sessions 05


01. Raw Q – Summer Rain (INFLUENCE)
02. Cybass – Japonica (VIBEZ DUB)
03. Alix Perez and Icicle and Swit – This Is How (SIGNATURE)
04. Peyo & Danoo – Fallin Rain (DUB)
05. Andy Sim – At Midnight (DUB)
06. Calibre – Always Lovin You (SIGNATURE)
07. Brother – Little Child (SONOROUS MUSIC)
08. Zero T – Why Would You (CIA)
09. Well Being – Love & Sorrow (RED MIST)
10. DJ Marky & Makoto – Secret Place (INNERGROUND)
11. Human Factor – Sunnyside (GOOD LOOKING DUB)
12. AK – Can You Feel It (DIGITAL COLOURS REC)
13. Division – Fifteen (DUB)
14. Brother – Bird In Cage (DUB)
15. Sol.ID & Cle – Slide feat. Hoja (DUB)
16. Intelligent Manners – Baby, I’m Falling Too (INFLUENZA MEDIA DUB)

Pete Rann

01. Coda and Konrad – Dont let me fall ( Pete Rann remix ) – Keynote dub
02. Pbk – Microburst ( Camino blue )
03. Kabatko – Flying with out wings ( Red mist )
04. Context – In depth perception ( Dub )
05. Modemellow – Codian moon ( Camino blue )
06. Deep gemini – Into the blu remix ( Dub )
07. Future engineers – Time zero ( Covert ops )
08. Kharm – Hear me ( Dub )
09. Lenzman – String city ( Dub )
10.Pete Rann – The key ( Keynote dub )
11.Kharm and Stunna – Ordinary people ( Dub )
12.Qumulus – Music keeps me ( Zen dub )

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